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Wellness By Willow

VIBES Lifestyle is all about Wellness + Wisdom! So, of course we were happy to learn more about the Founder of Wellness By Willow, Maia Willow Pursell of Seattle, Washington!

Q: When did you know you wanted to become an Esthetician, and what inspired you?

A: Well, it all started at age 10 when I would collect herbs and flowers from my mother’s garden. I loved collecting herbs and botanicals and giving my mom facials with “potions,” I would make. I have always felt connected to making things with my hands and the energetic high it gives me.

As a college student at University of Washington, I fell into an overall unhealthy lifestyle, which manifested through my skin. I saw countless medical style estheticians who gave me laser therapy etc. to get rid of my cystic acne and rosacea, with no luck. It was then, I realized I had to make the change within myself and my life. I started eating healthier, treating my body better and later went on to pursue my esthetics license. In short, I got back to my roots and intuitively made my first product “Balance Oil,” which healed my skin and was the catalyst to starting my business.

Q: Why Vegan Skincare?

A: Being vegan is a lifestyle for me. Caring about the quality and purity of what I put in my body and on my body extends to all aspects of my life. I love and respect animals and do not believe that it is ethical nor is it necessary to harm animals for skincare. Additionally, as a holistic esthetician I believe the plant-based approach to skincare is the most beneficial for promoting healthy skin and overall wellness.

(A refreshing drink for the skin & spirit. Hydrating & full of antioxidants & vitamin C.)

Q: You are all about "High Vibrational" + Organic products, what started you on that journey, and how do you personally manage to stay committed to that standard of living?

A: To me intention is everything. When I am formulating and crafting skincare, it is like cooking a home cooked meal for family from the heart. I believe the energy that you put into things, especially plants, and food can be felt and utilized by the person who receives the meal, or product, etc. and help them reach a higher level of healing. For this reason, I make all products in a ritual with candles, high vibrational music, and a crystal grid. Before I begin my production, I sage and palo santo the area and the ingredients, charge the crystals and meditate to send each batch love and healing energy.

Q: "Beauty from the inside out" is a very inspiring mindset, can you tell us a bit about why beauty + wellness internally as well as externally is so important?

A: I went through my own experience with this personally and learned what is going on with you internally and physically can manifest externally. Our skin is a projection of what is going on inside. The food we put in our bodies, what we put on our bodies as well as our energetic field all contribute to the appearance of our skin and how we feel about ourselves. Taking care of ourselves in all aspects and creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy skin care routine is a great way to maintain healthy skin long term. When you feel good on the inside, you project vibrancy and beauty on the outside.

(Personally loving this Mist + Balancing Oil! So Refreshing + Hydrating!)

Q: How do you feel that your location impacts your lifestyle?

A: Health, wellness and nature is a lifestyle for many people in the pacific northwest. I love where I live because I am surrounded by nature and many likeminded people and other wellness businesses. It has been a great location with many opportunities, and the community has been incredibly supportive and cognizant to my more holistic approach to skincare. Additionally, the pacific northwest has many nature reserves, parks, forests as well as mountains, lakes, and the Puget Sound which continues to support my well-being and inspire my active lifestyle.

Q: We would love to know a bit about your background and what you're involved in now?

A: The youngest of four, I grew up as an athlete, playing basketball and soccer. In addition, I have always loved learning, and graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. After I graduated, I taught kindergarten for two years, prior to becoming a holistic esthetician and entrepreneur. Currently, my focus has been working on my business and using 2020 as an opportunity for personal growth and to deepen my spiritual practice as well as become my healthiest version of myself.

Q: Is there anything along your journey that you would have done differently? If so, please tell us what that is and why.

A: I think everything has been great for helping me get where I am today, the ups and downs have been great experiences to continue to empower me and help me grow in my business.

Q: There is something special about your products, they are infused with the healing benefits of crystals. What is it about crystals specifically that speaks to you?

A: As a child, I received a box of crystals, which I right away gravitated towards and felt connected to utilize them for good luck and intention setting. Crystals are from the earth and hold different healing frequencies that we can experience, I believe that incorporating them in skincare can give the products ample healing benefits while empowering wellness.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is struggling with skin issues?

A: Be gentle with yourself. Your spirit hears how you talk to yourself and the first step to healing is positive self-talk and self-love. In terms of products, less really is more. Less ingredients, less products and the more natural, the better. When you are trying to heal your skins “ecosystem” it is all about balancing your skins ph., keeping it natural and not overwhelming it with ingredients that are likely to stress it out more. That’s why I created all-in-one Balance oil, made with simple natural ingredients, which can be used as an oil cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer to promote a balanced ph., as well as encourage healing through the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial anti-aging properties.

Q: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs in this industry who are starting out or who may need some words of encouragement to keep going?

A: Follow your intuition, trust the process, put work in every day and know if you are following your heart, things will eventually come into alignment and fall into place.

Q: You recently posted a blog about the 3 simple kinds of self-care, called "Self-Care for Challenging Times", with all the "self-care" out there, what made you choose these 3?

A: I chose to include these methods for there different benefits. Journaling is a great way to release feelings and clear your head, while utilizing the earth to ground is great way to calm anxiety and regroup. Whereas, taking a therapeutic bath can help to cleanse your energy and encourage self-love. These methods are simple yet can be very healing and centering. People can choose one that best resonates best with them or do all three.

Q: Do you mostly do business online, or are you seeing clients in-person?

A: Mainly online, as a product-based business- especially with everything that is happening in 2020.

Q: Out of all your products, which is your most favorite and why?

A: Balance Oil is my baby. It is the first product I created, that healed my skin and opened opportunities for me to become an entrepreneur. When I made Balance for myself, I was not specifically in the business mindset yet. I was simply trying to make something in attempt to heal my skin. Balance Oil worked so well and fast in helping to heal my skin, that I gave samples to friends and family, as well as started using it in facials with clients. To my delight clients loved it and inspired me to start my business.

Q: What is your favorite fragrance, and what memories does it evoke? 

A: I had a natural perfume blend when I was in esthetics school, with jasmine that smelled amazing! The natural fragrance empowered me to continue working hard in my program and helped me feel grounded and at ease when I was stressed. It was my “power oil.” Every time I wear Jasmine oil I think back to when my journey as an esthetician begun and feel inspired.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A: The Bay Area. I have gone there since I was a child with family living there, and the vibe has always resonated with me. I love the community, the sunshine, the food, the diversity, the culture, and the widespread interest in health and wellness.

Q: What is your favorite season? And does your skincare regimen change with the seasons?

A: Summer! I have always loved warm weather and sunshine.  During the summer I sweat more as I love running outside and walking. With that being said, the main difference in my skincare routine is I use a toner several times throughout the day. I switch off between Bliss Mist or Beauty Mist depending on my mood. Beyond that my skincare routine pretty much stays the same. I feel my minimalist approach to skincare helps me maintain balanced skin all season long, so I do not need to switch my routine up much.

Q: What is your favorite food, and could you eat it every day if you had to?

A: I love Thai food! My favorite meal specifically is avocado vegan curry- full of spices. There is a great vegan Thai restaurant in Seattle that specializes in vegan food. I could see myself eating the curry daily with no complaints, haha.

Q: Do you enjoy collaborating with others, or do you prefer to work alone?

A: As an introvert, I have always preferred working alone and doing my own thing. However, recently as I have been aligning more with myself and my business, I intuitively have received feelings to reach out to certain people who I resonate with, including VIBES Lifestyle!

Q: What are some of the challenges that you have faced with your business, and were you able to find methods to overcome them?

A: I have had to learn to really lean into the ebbs and flows and embrace them. Some weeks, months etc., are much busier than others, and rather than getting down on myself about it, I have learned to embrace these times and utilize them to work on other parts of my business.

Q: Please tell us a joke and make it as corny as possible!

A: Why do bees have sticky hair?

Because they use honeycombs.

Q: If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?

A: For there to be more kindness in our world- to nature, to our earth, to our animals, and to other people.

We thank you so much Maia Willow for being an Inspiration to us all, it was truly an honor and a pleasure! We hope our readers enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Wellness By Willow! Feel free to browse her amazing creations here, and use code: VIBES to save 10% off your order!


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