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Looking back on 2023, there were so many inspiring vlogs that really shaped and molded the year in terms of entertainment and inspiration! Everyone may have a different perspective on what makes a "good" vlog, however... this list is comprised of those who take the time to capture, create and share the nuances of their daily life, as well as the beautiful aesthetics of travel, how-to tips and life advice. Some of them bring an overall sense of calm, and some are really great at keeping you company!


I adore Sam + Victor because not only do they bring us into their cozy abode, they also take us on fun excursions to far-away places! This Tokyo vlog is definitely one of my favorites, but it is honestly tough to choose. You can enjoy binging their videos, checking out their vinyl collection, watching the eye candy coffee making, and I applaud the soundtrack as well!


Paola is a lovely fairy, living the cottage-core lifestyle... It is so magical to step into her world. It was also interesting to learn that she started her channel with no previous video or editing skills, fortunately she was able to get her brother to help her, and she now dwells in her own lovely little corner of the internet - creating art to sell in her Etsy shop, strolling through the forest, preparing delectable dishes, and now she and her husband are expecting a little bundle of joy!


If you love cozy + coffee... then you're going to loooove Trout + Coffee! Kyle and his lady, Ally, live in an A-frame cabin in New England, that they are remodeling. They recently finished working on their other off-grid cabin, and it was a wonderful experience to observe their journey. They often travel to check out the Fall foliage, stay at cute cottages, and explore the various hills and trails. Kyle is a very talented videographer, the scenes he captures are truly impeccable! 10 out of 10 recommend!!


I began watching Ally's channel soon after finding Trout + Coffee, and I really admire the way that she grows her own ingredients to make her all-natural self-care and wellness products. She takes us on a visual journey through her life of transformation, from working a corporate job to becoming a content creator and working a lot in the outdoors, amidst nature in all of its beauty!


Onyi Moss is a talented Filmmaker in Manchester, England. She recently opened her own beautiful creative studio warehouse, and she creates the most elegant and luxurious staged sets. Her brand collaborations are truly admirable and inspiring. In addition to her stunning style, she is also a phenomenal singer! I appreciate her luscious aesthetic, everything feels like it has been dipped in gold...


Alexis speaks on very important topics like masculine and feminine energies, attracting the life you desire, and tapping into your inner wisdom. She recently had some major wins in her life, and it has been amazing to see her level-up! She is hosting workshops and retreats, just bought a Mercedes G-Wagon, and is moving from Las Vegas to Dubai... so fascinating!


Hamimommy will make you want to clean your house, prep your food, and cook the most enticing meals you've ever laid eyes on! But she also takes you to some very cool destinations as well... like Bali! Her cinematography is superb, so it is a pleasure to watch any and all of the videos on her channel. Her family is also absolutely adorable!!


Tam is so motivational! She aspired to inspire others, and now she is living her dream. Seeing her growth has been a wonderful ride, and looking back at her older videos you can see just how much she has evolved. Whether she is sharing her morning routine, making her famous matcha, or just completing daily tasks, there is something that sparks a flame inside and makes you want to get organized and check things off the to-do list!


Bria keeps it real! She calls herself "Bestie B" and that's accurate. It really feels like hanging out and chatting with a friend. She doesn't dress it up and sugar coat it, she is just herself. She also has a great podcast where she dives deep into some more personal topics. In this world where we are constantly try to relate to others, while also trying to understand ourselves, it's great to be able to listen to someone who is also on that journey.


If you need to get yelled at --- The Wizard Liz is the One! Hahaha... but yeah, seriously! She will get you out of your head and whip you into shape, mentally and emotionally speaking. She does not care about the aesthetic aspect of her videos, she just wants her audience to get the message. She recently did an in-person Q+A for her followers, and she started a podcast with her sister where they are also just there on camera being themselves. They both suffered severe childhood trauma, and they open up about these experiences in hopes to help others and raise awareness.

Hopefully these Top Vlogs Of 2023 also inspire you and if you enjoy them, please let us know over on Instagram, and also tell us some of Your favorite vlogs and youtube channels. Until next time...


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