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Take a Journey with us, as we explore the beauty that is all around us!

I surprised Guido with a trip to St. Petersburg, FL. He had no idea where we were going or what we were doing once we arrived. I kept everything very hush-hush! He came home one day to his suitcase already packed, with sticky notes tucked inside that said "BABY - WE - ARE - GOING - ON - AN - ADVENTURE!!!"

It was a much needed get-away from the perils of lockdown and all of the nonsense surrounding it. As we traveled West, we stopped at a cafe called "SERENITY" reminding us of our "SERENITEA" Blooming Tea! It was a lovely spot, run by a sweet couple. We enjoyed tea + muffins, and had a long chat with the husband-owner about tea and coffee. It was fascinating because he loves coffee like we love tea, so we learned a lot about good, quality coffee!

We made our way to St. Pete and pulled up to Sirata Beach Resort, where they had arranged a complimentary suite for us! The waterfront view from our balcony was epic, and the perfect spot for a nice tea session looking out on the sunset. We also appreciated the living room space and kitchenette, in addition the bedroom, very convenient. The resort has plenty of restaurants, outdoor activities and lounging hammocks on the beach for relaxation. We snuggled up in one of those and swayed with the breeze... Ah, Bliss!

Of course we had to go exploring, seeing art, gardens, dining on delicious vegan food + more! But you will have to check out the video to see how much fun we had in St. Pete! And, if you are thinking of visiting, we highly recommend it! We thoroughly enjoyed our surprise trip and now it is a destination that we will always go back to with very fond memories of our first visit!

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