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Motivational DNA

Did you know that your Motivation starts with your DNA? Most people are unaware of this very important fact. However, after reading this article, you just might be prepared to shift the dynamic of how you operate in life.

So, what is Motivational DNA exactly...? Let's dive right in!

D = Drives

N = Needs

A = Awards


Drives = Connection/Production

Needs = Stability/Variety

Awards = Internal/External

By figuring out what Motivational Type you are,

you can design your lifestyle in a way that compliments your specific type.

Drives are the internal forces that mobilize a person to act. Those with a "Production Drive" focus more on achievement and value results. Producers are strategic thinkers and problem solvers. People with a "Connection Drive" value relationships, they are friendly, reliable, and tend to be empathetic listeners.

Needs are the core requirements that a person must have in order to feel fulfilled. People who have a "Stability Need" enjoy routines and organization. Those who have a "Variety Need" enjoy change and tend to be animated, persuasive and spontaneous. Do any of these sound relatable?!


1- Are you more cooperative or competitive?

2- Do you value appreciation w/out financial bonuses or financial bonuses w/out appreciation more?

3- Do you prefer constancy or change?


- Competitive people have "Production Drive" and are inclined to be task-oriented.

- Cooperative people tend to be very people-oriented w/a "Connection Drive".

- The value of appreciation w/out financial bonuses = Internal Award System

- The value of financial bonuses w/out appreciation = External Award System

- Those who prefer constancy over change have a need for stability.

- Those who prefer change over constancy have a need for variety.

Achievement patterns can differ in various settings or in different contexts. There is no right or wrong way to get motivated, it is very important to keep this in mind at all times. There is no point in getting down on yourself because you are experiencing a lack of motivation. You simply need to find the method that works best for you!


1- Everyone is motivated -- but each of us is motivated differently.

2- Each individual is created from conception w/a unique + distinct motivational type.

3- What motivates one may disengage another.

4- No one motivational type is better than another.

When your Drives, Needs, and Awards are all being met, you are now in the "Achievement Zone" and you should really be lighting up with joy! Celebrate your wins, even the small ones. That is what helps you manifest even more!!! Experience the passion + bliss of being in your sweet spot!




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