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Know Your Worth!

We always hear about Value and Self Worth, but how does this actually show up in our lives? Whether you are an entrepreneur, employed by a company, or a stay at home parent, Value and Self Worth will be a part of every aspect of your life. For now we will focus on this from an entrepreneurial perspective, but really anyone can find it relatable!

When you're an entrepreneur, you may question your worth, your value, your services or products, your marketing strategy, and your prices. This is normal, so try to breathe easy. The key is to shift your mindset from a vibration of lack, to a vibration of abundance. There is a transition when you move into larger transaction sizes. When it's time to up-level and expand, that can be very scary! What will happen? Will I fail? Are people going to want this? Self doubt kicks in and kicks our you know whats!!!

Well, kick it out! Self doubt is not welcome here. You have to create affirmations around what you want, instead of focusing on what you don't want. If you want affluence, financial freedom, access to a healthy lifestyle, etc then you need to level up! Consider some of the things that have been holding you back and really take them to the cleaners. Those are limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your goals.

You can either work all the time trying to please many people and feeling drained and defeated, or you can focus on high quality products and services, and increase your value. When you increase your value, then you can raise your prices. You may already be thinking, "Oh no, I want to remain accessible and affordable" and that's fine. However, you also need to consider what your expenses are, what type of lifestyle that you are trying to manifest, and what experiences you want to have, then work from that foundation. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine, just make sure that YOU are HAPPY and valuing yourself!

"Change Your Offer, Change Your Life." - Dan Lok

Growing a Premium Service makes you face your own BS. If this is a problem for you, then you know that you're operating out of a fear-based mindset. Problems will always surface, and this activates your problem solving skills and resourcefulness, which in turn provides opportunities for you to improve. Start focusing on high ticket packages that provide more value and quality experiences for your clients and customers.

Potential clients may freak out over the price, and that's okay, they are approaching it with their own vibration of lack mentality. Forgive them and move on, THEY ARE NOT THE RIGHT CLIENT. Feel free to repeat that as many times as you need to! You put a lot of energy and effort into what you do, and one day you will also need to retire and have resources for your family, so there is no reason to feel guilt over properly pricing your products and services at an amount that covers what you are contributing on the front end. "High-end on the Front-end, High-end on the Back-end" is a great motto to live by!

Work less and deliver more value, this is the way to improve your quality of life! It is understandable that some people are workaholics, but it is best to have the ability to choose how much and how often you desire to work. High ticket packages lead to more satisfaction, more net profit and more freedom. You don't have to change what you sell, just shift who you are selling to. Pay attention to your unique niche and how you can reach that demographic. That is truly the key! Find your audience, find the voice and aesthetic that speaks to that audience, and you are well on your way.

Show the value of your offer to the people who find value in your offer and you will go far. It's not so much about a person's ability to pay, it's more-so about their desire. This is why people save for vacations, weddings, vehicles, etc. Position yourself as the go-to expert in your field because people are buying for value and for the experience that they receive. If you are a person of value who delivers value, you will attract value!


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