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Celebrate Life!

Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday To Me!!! I'm celebrating 2020 anyway, nothing can stop me! How did I become Unstoppable...? I'm so glad that you asked! Lots and lots of trials and tribulations. Since today is my Birthday, I will talk to you a bit about me, which is something I don't really do much on the blog... oddly enough. I usually like to focus on things that inspire me. So, here we go! My name is Vibe, I am the Creator + CoStar of VIBES Lifestyle "Inspired Living", which is here to *Amplify Your Vibe* (more on that soon). I was born in Baltimore, and grew up between Baltimore, PA + NYC. I was influenced most by my time spent in Brooklyn. That's also where I got into the green beauty + wellness industry.

I have moved more times than I can count, within the continental US. I have travelled to Exuma, Bahamas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cancun, Mexico, and I have driven to California from the East Coast and back. I've had some great adventures. I've had some highs and lows. I had some losses, some break ups, some wins and some make-ups. I've recorded albums, and published books. I developed my own black and white photos in the dark room. I've sculpted porcelain, I've filmed + edited countless videos. I've written way too many blogs. But you're still here... so that's good. I've walked on narrow pathways in the woods, and sat beside waterfalls. I've won contests, and I do all my own stunts!

I'm currently in Florida because I love sunshine, even though lately there has been a lot of rain! It stormed last night, and I thought...okay, really? For My Birthday?! Well... the sun is shining bright right now, so once I finish this blog, I am going to get some pool time, then I have a Surprise Dinner tonight! I also love Florida because of all the nature, the flowers, the birds, and of course the beautiful ocean!

Anyways... I'm going to keep this short, I just wanted to drop some Fun Vibe Facts because it's my special day, and what better way to celebrate, than to send a shout-out to my peeps!!! I appreciate everyone who came out and celebrated with me on Friday the 13th! Tonight I have a surprise dinner reservation somewhere special with my boo! I'm excited! For anyone who wants to send a gift or support, please send it to Venmo: @vibeslifestyle Paypal: CashApp: $vibeslifestyle or shop the online boutique: + thank you all so much for all the LOVE, which is the Best Gift Of All!!!

We have some really exciting launches coming up,

so stay tuned for all the new things!


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