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Inspired By Jules

Why do we love Jules Aron? Let me count the ways...

We admire the way Jules shares her passion! Not only does she support + interact with her local community on a regular basis, you can sense the level of care + integrity that she infuses into every pursuit. Jules shares revitalizing, beautifying and truly guilt-free plant based recipes that you can really feel good about. She is an internationally-renowned, plant-based wellness authority, writer & content creator, dubbed “The Wellness Mixologist” by Women's Health Magazine. Raised in the culturally rich, foodie haven of Montreal, by her parents, both culinary professionals, Jules moved to New York City to pursue her studies in publishing, nutrition and the holistic arts. She has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, Yoga and the Ayurvedic Arts among other healing modalities, as well as Integrative Nutrition. This eclectic and diverse education has honed her holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle topics.

Jules is a trained holistic nutritionist, professional mixologist, wellness journalist and four time best selling author of Zen and Tonic, Vegan Cheese, Fresh and Pure and Nourish and Glow. Jules contributes to numerous, national wellness & lifestyle publications including THRIVE, Organic Spa, Women’s Health, Women’s World, MindBodyGreen and featured, among others, by NBC News, TODAY SHOW, New York Post, BuzzFeed, FeedFeed, Well+Good, GoodFull, and Byrdie.

Jules’s dedication to philanthropy + volunteer efforts includes partnerships with Lox Farms, Fresh Rx, Farm to Hospital Initiative, as well as Wellness in The Schools (WITS), and the SEED community. She has shared her message with institutions including SEED Summit, Cherry Bombe, Well Summit, as well Navitas Naturals, Ketel One Botanicals, and Whole Foods among many other global brands. Jules is also a black belt martial artist, that loves adaptogenic elixirs, crafting cocktails, and spending time in nature. She divides her time between the Palm Beaches and her rustic cabin in upstate NY.


"I grew up around the kitchen table. For my family, food was everything. My father owned and managed several restaurants, while my mom worked as a chef in some of the most prestigious international hotels. Together, they instilled in me a deep appreciation for whole foods and the dining experience. Between the frequent dinner parties they loved to host, to the quality of food they chose to serve, they taught me that the best food involve basic techniques, fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love.

While my interests have long gravitated towards natural healing modalities, integrative nutrition, and a holistic approach to wellness, I also spent many years working in the service industry, and my approach to food will always be as a passionate foodie, first and foremost. In fact, most people that know me, would surely attest that I care passionately about what goes into my body yet refuse to eat food that simply isn’t delicious. It is with this simple philosophy in mind that I create recipes; taking care that they are easy to make, healthful and nourishing, and always bursting with flavor."

We are so pleased + excited to host Jules as our Special Guest this Friday, 1/15/21 @ 7pm at VIBES Oasis, inside the luxurious Prado Spa, for our inaugural launch of Social Soiree! We will be sipping Tea + Tonic, while networking w/local professionals, influencers, content creators + enjoying a Q+A with Jules, along with a Book Signing of her new publication, "The Low Proof Happy Hour"!

Also joining us, The Pastry Studio + Chef Michelle Renee Schulman with her tasty delights, she is very talented + classically trained in the culinary arts. As well as, Ebru Jewelry a local artisan designer, creating unique pieces for the soul. You don't want to miss this, so be sure to RSVP for this complimentary event!



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