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Inspired By Einkorn

We were excited to go behind the scenes with Kerenza De Freitas, the creator of Einkorn Bakehouse, located in Lake Worth, Florida, to see what inspired this entrepreneur to bake her way into owning a lovely, South Floridian business. Support Local + read on below to find out more about her journey, and also to see what advice she gives for those starting out or polishing up their skills in the biz!

Q: What inspired you to start baking?

A: I started baking/cooking at a very young age, maybe around 12. There were 7 of us kids in my family and we each had days to cook growing up. So I’ll say I’ve been cooking/baking for 20 years. I’m 32! But honestly, being able to provide and offer others much healthier products than the junk filled crap that’s out there is inspiration.

Q: When did you know that you wanted to have your own business + why?

A: I chose business as one of my subjects in secondary school/high school, when I was 15 years old. I knew from there, that one day I would want to run my own business. It was interesting to me and I had the mind for it.  The types of businesses that I wanted did change over the years but I’m so happy that this is the one that found me.  I honestly never thought I’d be a baker, but here I am!

Q: Do you ever lose motivation, if so what keeps you going?

A: I do, at times. But I just keep on going because it’s what I have to do, right? Hearing positive feedback from customers also keeps me going. A little time and meditation with yourself as well can get you back up, if you’re ever feeling unmotivated.

Q: What do you love most about baking and creating?

A: Baking is very therapeutic! It’s my calm and allows me to create. Food connects! Connects us to our past, memories, people (friends and strangers), our health, our body and energy. It’s magical!

Q: What is most important to you about the ingredients that you use?

A: Ingredients must be whole food and organic. No artificial flavors, colorings, refined sugars, inflammatory vegetable oils are ever used. The less processed, the best!

Q: What is your favorite thing to bake, cook or prepare?

A: Bread haha. Sourdough, of course!

Q: Are you the type of person who loves to cook for others, or are you just as happy making things for yourself?

A: I love cooking for others. Being able to offer healthy products makes me so happy!

Q: What is your favorite food of all time and why?

A: Hmm…tough one. There’s quite a few I love. To name one, Indian food, the flavors, the spices, its comfort.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to get into baking, or is just starting out?

A: Expect failures. Not every bake will be perfect and that’s’ ok! I’ve had many terrible bakes and I’ve learnt and grown from each of them. It’s what makes this whole process fun and interesting as well.

Q: What would you say to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur in the baking business, or to someone who may currently be struggling with it?

A: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Like I mentioned, expect failures, because it’s going to happen. There’s beauty in failure. It’s all part of the process, so have fun with it and enjoy the ride. Learn, grow and go with the flow.

Q: What is one technique that you learned, which improved your baking skills?

A: In the beginning, a scale was the most important tool to own and still is. You’ll always get more accurate measurements by weight vs. volume. As time passed, my techniques became so unconventional haha. I don’t like to follow recipes. I’ll always add more of this and less of that. I add my own touches and make it my own in the end in a special way. Of course, if you’re just starting out, following a recipe may be best, but as times goes on you would have gotten that practice and knowledge and now you can start to develop your own recipes.

Q: What inspired you to choose the name Einkorn Bakehouse?

A: I wanted Einkorn, the type of wheat flour I use, to be in the name. I wanted it to stand out and for people to question what Einkorn is. From there, I can explain and teach them about Einkorn and why this wheat is so amazing.  

Q: What new things do you plan to try baking in the future?

A: I plan on making a vegan cream cheese to stuff my bagel bites with. Store bought is sadly filled with junk and you bet I’ll be making one that’s healthy and made from whole foods. Croissants is also on my list, along with cinnamon rolls.

Q: What is your favorite flavor, and why?

A: If it’s ice cream, it’s vanilla and if it’s cake, maybe chocolate? Haha!

Q: What is your favorite aroma, and why?

A: Ohh Lavender! So calming.

Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

A: For everyone to just get along. Less hate and more love.

Any additional thoughts you would like to share: I believe that food should nourish us. “Food as medicine” is a powerful and wonderful approach to health. We may not be perfect at all times but the best we can do is try to get as many whole foods as possible. I see so many people who focus mainly on how many carbs, fats, sugars etc. a food may contain but misses the ingredients, you know, what’s actually in the food product. Shouldn’t that be the most important of all?

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Much love,

Kerenza De Freitas

* We are honored that Einkorn Bakehouse infuses their delicious homemade

marshmallows with our botanical blend, "The Calm", a relaxing mixture of

lavender, chamomile and rose to delight the senses! *

Einkorn Bakehouse was founded by Kerenza De Freitas with the belief that bread can be healthy and nutritious, once it's made with Einkorn. With an amazing nutrition profile, Einkorn proves to be the best wheat there is in today's world. With her love for fermentation, Kerenza already had a sourdough starter using Rye flour for some time. After learning about Einkorn she decided to make the switch and create her wild yeast using Einkorn flour. After a few years, to this day, that same wild yeast is used to make every sourdough product she has to offer. 

It was such an honor and a privilege to gain a deeper insight into the world of Einkorn Bakehouse and how a dream became a reality!

Be sure to check out Einkorn Bakehouse and visit them on Instagram!

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