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Fashion In Paradise

We had the honor of being featured at Alice + Olivia Boutique in the Royal Poinciana Plaza, on Palm Beach Island, for International Women's Day! As if this wasn't enough, there was also a fabulous fashion show, hosted by Carson Kressley from the initial Queer Eye TV show! Check out the video:

Several statement pieces ripped up and down the runway, as the audience chuckled along with the hilarious Mr. Kressley, he certainly didn't show up short of a sense of humor, that's for sure! It truly raised the vibration of the day and kept energy levels high. The crowd was soaring as the various styles made their way down the catwalk.

The Silver Storm, Hillary B also made quite an impression with her sterling tresses flowing down her back, and whipping around in the wind. Local looks were all the rave, shouting GIRL POWER from T-shirts filled with an explosion of color galore! Other outfits were chic and laid back, more casual, with no compromise on elegance.

We were checking out the Spring Collection at Alice + Olivia, while sipping tea + champagne of course! There were custom cookies, with empowering logos along with our SERENITEA Blooming Tea, which blooms beautifully into a pink flower, surrounded by green tea leaves. The perfect addition to a stylish day like this!

Lately it really has been Fashion In Paradise, because just last week we were on Palm Beach Island, enjoying the fashion show by Launchpad Collective! In celebration of the March 2020 Issue of Palm Beach Illustrated, The Esplanade Palm Beach presented Worth Avenue Starts Here: A Spring Fashion Presentation, a fashion show by Saks Fifth Avenue, hosted on Tuesday, March 3, 6:00-8:00 PM. Just outside of Launchpad Collective + GUCCI, were beautiful, elegant, up-scale styles, making their way up and down the runway.

As you see, we had a marvelous time celebrating style + the amazing women all over the world who have stepped up to make a difference. That's what Inspired Living is all about, VIBES Lifestyle at its finest! We hope to see you soon, out + about in Palm Beach... Our Personal Slice of Paradise!


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