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A Candle To Light The Way

Introducing... Jada Candle! I must say I was blown away by the beauty of these candles... They are so VIBES Lifestyle---Chic! A lovely, local artisan from Port St. Lucie, Florida, handcrafts these gorgeous candles with soy wax, wooden wicks, organic hemp, coated w/beeswax, in a concrete base. Exquisite! And to make them even more enticing, the aroma instantly permeates the entire room, giving a fresh, vibrant scent to the space, as soon as you open the package.

I am finding that during these times, it is the small things that seem to bring smiles + joy into our lives. It makes me happy to create beautiful, intimate, sacred spaces. I know that candles bring a warmth to the room, and evoke a sense of romance. They can truly complete a space, and set the tone with the essence they emit, both when burning, and even when they are not lit.

Well, of course, whenever we are inspired by someone, we want to jump in behind the scenes and find out more about what dwells beneath the surface. So, here is our Q+A w/Jeniffer Erickson, the owner + creator of Jada Candle. Enjoy!

Q: Candles bring joy to many people throughout each season, for different reasons, what is it about candles that inspired you?

A: The candle, something basic and beautiful, simple and necessary, always present in different moments of our lives, is a symbol that, in addition to accompanying us, transmits peace and transports us to unexpected memories just by activating our sense of smell.

Q: Who has inspired you most along your journey?

A: Believing in myself, family who always loved me and support me.

Q: "These candles carry light and good wishes to those who receive it." Go a bit deeper, and tell us what you mean by this?

A: Jada Candles are made with the heart and with a lot of love, it is a delight that I give myself by making the candles from the concrete to the wax part, where we forget what is around and immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of relaxation.

Q: Where are you from, where are you currently located, and how do you feel that your location impacts your lifestyle and your business?

A: I am from San Andres Island, Colombia. I am located in Port St Lucie, FL. It is a small town which I feel fortunate to be living in this town, it gives me a little bit of the island and city as well, we are close to the beach, really nice town.

Q: What are some of the challenges you have faced and how did you handle them?

A: To start, it was the money. I didn’t have enough money to start a candle business, for the supplies, location, marketing, etc. Then I started by posting on social media my first candles that I did for myself, then I started getting orders.

Q: In what ways do you seek to inspire others?

A: Be grateful and don't lose faith. Due to life circumstances, I had to start over, I had a job from Monday to Friday in a tow truck company office, until the pandemic began and they had to close the office, seeing that my only source of income had ended, I began to despair, and began to light a candle at home, in the mornings, then in the afternoons, and I was indulging in that light and the aroma it transmitted. I started by making them to decorate my house and then, without realizing it, this became my only source of work. Without realizing that emptiness that I had, it was gradually filling up and my life was taking more shape and color. I had forgotten that I loved working, and I have found the best job I can have. I am very blessed and fortunate, and I am grateful every day for having gone through every cycle of my life that passes, to be where I am today.

Q: Would you say that you lead a "healthy lifestyle", and if so, what things do you do that you would recommend to others?

A: Yes, by taking action over my own habits, by eating more healthy, exercising and sleeping well.

Q: What types of supplies do you use when you make the candles? They are very quality, and ethical. Please tell us why this is important to you specifically?

A: I chose to work with wax from natural oils as raw material, which is soy wax. A material derived from plants, a renewable and biodegradable source, thus creating a sustainable product. Its combustion does not pose any risk to health, nor does it increase the toxicity levels of the ambient. In addition, the wicks of my candles are 100% cotton soaked in honey wax. Needless to say, the most luxurious thing a candle can have is not the packaging, but the heart. And that prominence is taken by the fragrance. And we do it with natural oils.

Q: Have you travelled to any far away destinations? If so, where and what did you enjoy most about those places?

A: I love nature! My last trip was to Cookeville, Tennessee. I went to the Falls, I love the sound of the water by the falls, and the simplicity of nature.

Q: What is your favorite aroma and what does it make you think of?

A: I have few favorites but I can say Bamboo & Coconut, just with that aroma I feel like I am traveling to my roots, the island, the beach, it’s nicknamed “The Sea of Seven Colors” because you can visibly see seven shades of blue in the water.

Q: When you look at art, do you try to interpret it? And do you have a favorite artist, if so... whom?

A: Sure, I do. I take in the positivity of every art form. I do have a favorite artist and actually he is from the island too, very talented! He has always been called JOTA/Jota Art.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: Anywhere by the beach

Q: What do you do when you're lacking motivation?

A:The support and above all the motivation from the people who are by your side is very important. I do have a beautiful and supportive family. The advice from everyone has always been to be persevering and trust God.

Q: Have you always been creative? When did you first notice your creativity emerging?

A: Since I was little I loved designing, organizing, creating, I was attracted to crafts and I enjoyed projects at school, so much so that in my house every season of the year is decorated.

Q: Do you enjoy tea? If so, what is your favorite?

A: Yes, I do. I love mint and lavender!

Q: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

A: Do not stop believing in your dreams, in the things you want to do, everything is possible, we have everything inside of us, a lot of things that we never know are, but there they are. Ready to go out when it's time to go out, and then life once again surprises us with all the new things we can do because we have one of those many gifts inside. And believe me each with his own. That's why I always say cheer up more and don't hesitate for a second to do what you really like. Life is a box of surprises where you don't have to miss a single opportunity that comes your way to achieve what you want.

Q: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor dining, and what is your favorite dish to order at a restaurant?

A: Outdoor, I think is more refreshing. Quinoa with avocado salads are my number 1.

Q: What are your goals and aspirations for the next five years?

A: I would like to open a showroom soon, to be able to show candle lovers my collections, and to have open doors for new clients.

Q: What are some of your other hobbies, and how do they impact the rest of your life?

A: I love plants, I have plants all over my house. Inside it's becoming a little jungle. I do gardening and decorating, which helps me to relax. I do meditation, to reflect about my life and relieve stress naturally.

Q: Have you ever been skydiving, and if not, would you?

A: Never, yes definitely I will try!

Q: Which of all your candles is your most favorite, and why?

A: All of them are my favorites. That’s how much I love making them!

Q: If you could change one thing about this world what would it be?

A: Empathy.

A huge thank you to Jeniffer for taking us behind the scenes, and giving us all some insight into the inspiration that sparked the creation of Jada Candle! Learn more on her website + place your order w/10% Off Code: VIBES10 to bring home the Good Vibes w/these phenomenal, soothing candles!



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