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Launch @ Loic!

Over the weekend, something epic happened! We launched our new, organic, artisan collection of teas--- VIBES Lifestyle Tea + VIBES TEA Lounge!!! This is exciting beyond words, but let's see if I can attempt to convey my exuberance + delight!

I will begin by telling you a bit about Loic, since you may be wondering... who or what is Loic?! Well, Loic is the name of a renowned Chef from France, who created his own luxury, bakery-cafe after crafting his culinary arts at the Four Seasons! Loic is also the name of his bakery-cafe, now located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, not far from Clematis. Check them out @bakeryloic on Instagram.

With plenty of natural light filtering in from the floor to ceiling windows, glistening on the gorgeous marble table-tops, and dancing along the delicious pastries, elegantly showcased... the ambience is perfect for a morning cup of tea! Speaking of pastries, my personal favorite is the Pistachio-Almond Croissant, it has white chocolate filling, and it just might be illegal in 7-8 countries! It pairs well with our IMMUNITEA Black Tea for Immune Support + SERENITEA Jasmine Blooming Tea, which are both offered daily at Loic! Our guests got to taste these unique, one-of-a-kind croissants along with their tea, and they absolutely loved them!

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, we gathered at Loic for a Tea Tasting Soiree + the Official Launch of our teas! It was our very first VIBES TEA Lounge, a Pop-up Tea Experience. Everyone enjoyed watching the Jasmine flowers bloom in the center of their tables. Displayed in glass tea pots, atop glass warmers, to give a perfect presentation of these beautiful teas in all of their glory. "Meditation In Every Cup" is our motto, and that is because taking a moment to enjoy your tea, especially when you can watch it bloom in front of your eyes, is a meditation in itself!

It was such a pleasure to see everyone come together around a pot of tea and share conversation, smiles and joy! This is why we do what we do, and we feel so honored to be serving our teas to the Palm Beaches! Cheers + Many Thanks!


You Can Get Your VIBES Lifestyle Organic Tea Online:

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