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Chocolate Vibes...

Dark chocolate has been proven to be healthier than ever! Which is great news, because I LOVE IT! I'm not talking about Hershey's... I'm talking about 70%+ cacao baby!!! Oh yes, it boasts some amazing health benefits that you probably haven't considered.

Dark chocolate can improve mood, memory and immunity, while also helping to alleviate high stress levels and inflammation. Plus it's YUMMMMY!!! However, aside from the delicious burst of flavor that erupts as a sliver of dark cacao dissolves in your mouth, this treat can positively impact cognitive function and creativity even two hours after eating it!

That's right! Ten participants ate a 48-gram bar of dark chocolate at the beginning of each study, and then ate a piece of dark chocolate every two hours when they were awake for several days. Blood tests revealed the chocolate heightened sense perception and nervous system responsiveness and increased both anti-inflammatory agents and infection fighting cells. Gamma waves recorded by an electroencephalogram (EEG) suggested that the impact takes effect within two hours.

So, when you're indulging this Holiday Season, keep Dark Chocolate in mind for dessert!

If you have never tried Hemp Infused Dark Chocolate, then visit us @ Herbs & Earth in West Palm Beach on Jan 5th, from 2-5 PM! We will be hosting the Art of Wellness with our Special Guest, Green Girl Kitchen Chocolate Tasting! Along with herbal tea + Aromatherapy with Green Gabriela! See You Soon!



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