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The Other Side of Nice...

Who is the last person that was mean to you? When is the last time that you were mean to someone else? Why do we glorify being mean to others? Has everyone given up on trying? Many disguise it as wit or sarcasm, or cover-up their rudeness with a laugh, but we feel it...

I'm asking these questions because someone has to! It's getting ridiculous. No one is accountable anymore, everyone flakes out and makes endless excuses, and people don't hesitate to get down-right nasty--- what happened to good customer service? These days the customer is always wrong. Have you called into a company with an issue recently? I do understand that these employees are overworked and underpaid, but then the trickle-down effect happens. Their misery spreads to you, then you spread it to the people around you, and so on.

Even on social media, people attack one another. It's very interesting to see someone post about a thought or feeling they are experiencing and then to observe the on-slaught of negativity that appears in the comments feed. Dare I ask you, why? Energy Vampires is the simplest answer. But anyone is capable of being an Energy Vampire at any given moment. So the key is to recognize these characteristics within oneself.

Of course there are good people sprinkled throughout the world, and maybe you are one of them, if so----YAAAY! However, if you aren't... Check Yourself! Take a good long look in the mirror and analyze yourself. Do you like your reflection? I'm not talking about physical appearance... Go Deeper. Dig. Take a moment. If things come up that feel a bit off center, analyze those and see if there is some action that you can take to change it.

No one is flawless, as much as we all want to be. And of course we all want to believe that we are good people at our core, and that our actions, thoughts, feelings and opinions are justified. But next time you find yourself judging or condescending to someone, take a pause and put yourself in their shoes. Do you like it when people talk to you in that way, unless you're a masochist, most likely the answer is no.

By doing this inner work, we can collectively have a better experience with one another here on earth. Currently, everyone is so stressed and disconnected that they don't bother to put forth the additional energy to be kind and compassionate. So many people have been screwed over or taken advantage of that they don't want to risk having a true connection with other people that could just potentially hurt them in the future. It's understandable, but it doesn't have to be this way. Be a good friend, parent, sibling, lover, employee, serviceman... We can change it, by changing ourselves...

How do you want to show up in the world?


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