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One Self

You only get One Self, and that is all you really need. Have you ever found yourself seeking advice and guidance from everyone else? Then you have this whirlwind of voices and opinions, and it feels like you are worse off than when you started! Looking within is truly the best thing that you can do. Our Intuition tells us everything we need to know.

Remaining conscious and mindful is one way to tap into our Intuition. It is our inner guidance system, and it always tells the truth. So many problems and situations can be alleviated and avoided if only we would listened to our Self! Going out into nature also helps us to connect to our true Self. Without all of the distractions of tv, cell phones, people, and traffic, it is easier to clear your mind and focus on what matters.

That's what these essences brought to mind when they arrived at my doorstep. Capi Edgley Naturopath (Dip. App. Science) trained in naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy is the creator of One Self Organic Perfumes. Whilst working and managing some of the world's finest day spas and health retreats in Australia and Europe, Capi became concerned when clients had allergic reactions to products that claimed to be natural and organic. Over ten years ago, Capi began researching these formulations and found, not only an integrity gap, but also a major demand in the market for truthful organics.

Since that time, Capi has dedicated her life to extensive global travels in search of the purest ingredients on earth to use in her luxury organic perfume and skin care products. She met with farmers from fair trade communities who supply pure organic raw ingredients. Inspired by her sister Gigi's wedding in Hawaii and the exotic fragrances in the South Pacific, Capi worked closely with talented Hawaiian perfumers to create the completely unique hand made luxury organic Hawaiian Flower Lei perfumes.

Spending weeks trekking through the Amazon jungle, she learned about the healing properties of Babassu, Cupuacu and Buriti from local communities. At thermal spas in Japan, high in the ancient mountain villages, she discovered the traditional use of Camellia oil, Fresh Water Pearl, Rice oil and White tea, from Japanese woman. In Africa, Capi found the secrets of the extraordinary Miracle Tree and the rejuvenating effects of Marula & Baobab oils. In the Polynesian islands the divine scent of the Tiare Flower captivated Capi with its ability to improve the skin's hydration, leaving it smoother and noticeably more supple. Working with a team of award-winning biochemists in Hawaii, Australia and Europe, Capi has combined the fruits of her travels to produce an extraordinary range of truly organic, perfume and skin care products.

I believe that Capi's Journey reminds us to be

One with our Self and One with Nature, as we are it and it is us!

To celebrate the Festive Season

we would love to share a little Aloha with you

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