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To Starve Or To Feed

To Starve or To Feed...


Starve the Beliefs that Hinder.

Feed the Beliefs that Help.

Law of attraction is responding to your vibration.

Think good feeling thoughts.


Here Are A Few Major Causes Of Failure:

1- Procrastination:

Waiting for the time to be right is one of the most common causes of Failure.

2- Lack of Persistence:

Do you finish the things you start? Many people are prone to give up at the first sign of defeat.

3- Over-Caution:

You must take chances in life. Over-Caution is just as bad as Under-Caution.

4- Lack of Enthusiasm:

If you love it and you're passionate about it, that will shine through. Without enthusiasm one cannot be convincing.

After a brief self-analysis, does any of this resonate with you? If so, what steps can you take to remedy this?

Keep in mind that you want to starve the Beliefs that Hinder + feed the Beliefs that Help. Focus on solutions and changes that you can make in order to move in the direction of your desires. Be Mindful, Present in the Moment, and take Inspired Action when your intuition speaks.

Here Are A Few Ways To Avoid Failure:

1- Procrastination:

The best way to avoid procrastination is to begin projects right away. If you have a habit of stalling, then pop in your earbuds or turn up the music with your favorite song and get to work! No excuses! Just Do it!

2- Lack of Persistence:

If you tend to not finish the things that you start, then do not allow yourself to begin anything new until you complete the task at hand. No cheating!!!

3- Over-Caution:

Remember to be Balanced. Ask yourself questions to see how you're feeling. If you seem to be feeling Fear, then start focusing immediately on the positive aspects, and replace any negative thoughts with the thoughts that will align you with your desires. Always act out of Love, not Fear. Throw caution to the wind...

4- Lack of Enthusiasm:

What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What makes you bubble over with joy and that warm-fuzzy feeling? What gives you Butterflies?

Do That!

If you need some guidance along your journey to starving your beliefs that hinder + feeding your beliefs that help, send an email to and we will schedule a FREE Consultation!



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