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Manifestation Mishaps

Who are you here to be? Manifesting isn't about wanting, it's about BEing.

Rock bottom is an excellent place for growth. It's okay to feel down, it's okay to cry. When we hold back our tears, we block our connection to the infinite energy of the Universe. Here are a few Manifestation Mishaps to pay attention to, and if necessary, change your course of direction!

Manifestation Mishaps:

1- We think it's about getting something, it's not, it's about who we are here to be.

2- If we haven't released blockages, we won't be able to keep our manifestations.

3- Sabotage. We often sabotage what we do manifest. How do we release the blocks?

4- Focusing on the External. We must focus on the internal.

5- Interacting with negative people. Surround yourself with those on a high frequency.

As you see, blockages are a major factor, but so is sabotage. Some people aren't even aware when they are sabotaging their blessings. Here is an example, you get invited to an event, and you have every intention of going. You know that your attendance is important because it will be an excellent networking opportunity, and you need to create new business connections.

The night before the event, you decide to drink too much and you spend the entire next day with a hangover. You miss your hair appointment, or forget to pick your outfit up from the dry cleaner, and now it's too late. "Oh well..." you think, "I didn't feel like going anywhere, and it probably would have been a waste of my time." You return to bed and proceed to Netflix and chill.

The problem doesn't arise until your friend calls you the next day asking where you were. You make up a lame excuse for your absence, and your friend proceeds to tell you that the exact person you had been hoping to land as a client before the end of the quarter was there. The bad news is, your competition swooped in and by the end of the evening they shook hands on a new deal, a deal that you missed out on!

This is just one scenario...but you get the idea! Don't Block Your Blessings! Always follow your intuition and ask yourself what you want to BE in this world!


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