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Even Wings, A Mother's Love



Meet Nadia!​

Nadia Recently Getting Her Driver's License

This young lady is ambitious, intelligent, motivated and full of heart. If you know Nadia, you know she lives life to the fullest, active in sports, orchestra, community service and school spirit. What most people don’t know about Nadia is that she can’t stand up straight and behind her ready smile is constant pain. Nadia has idiopathic scoliosis.

After Nadia was diagnosed with scoliosis, she had 3 options, wear a hard brace 23 hours a day that may or may not stop the curve, undergo a major surgery to have a metal rod bolted to her spine which could take up to a year to recover from, or wait and see if the scoliosis improved on its own. Both treatment options promised to rob Nadia of participating in almost every activity that mattered to her so we waited, found ways to decrease Nadia’s pain and hunted for better treatment options. And it’s a good thing we waited! There is a surgery that will straighten Nadia’s spine, offers a much faster recovery time and allows her spine to remain flexible.

Lil' Nadia Looking So Adorable!

BUT...even after the insurance does its part, the out of pocket expense will cost more than Nadia's college tuition. Paying for the surgery seemed impossible but Nadia's determination to overcome this obstacle led to the birth of EvenWings. Nadia believes people will help her and other kids like her who cannot afford the tremendous costs of surgery and treatment to correct their scoliosis. Nadia intends to grow EvenWings into a charitable foundation to do just that! Told you she's ambitious!

VIBES Lifestyle wanted to interview Nadia's Mother, Moriah Morningstar, the founder of Even Wings to find out what's going on behind the scenes! Nadia is the niece of VIBES Lifestyle Founder, Vibe Veda, so this is a story that holds our hearts captive as we await the surgery!

Q: What personally inspired you to create Even Wings?

A: Once I found out Nadia’s surgery was going to cost more than we could afford, I talked to Nadia about doing a fundraiser. She took my idea a step further and wants to start a nonprofit to help any family who can’t afford the expense of surgery & related treatment for scoliosis.

Q: What is the purpose and mission that is the driving force beneath Even Wings?

A: Nadia is the reason and our first case but we plan to grow into a charity foundation dedicated to raising and disbursing money to cover medical expenses associated with treatment, alternative surgical methods, necessary travel expenses and post surgery therapy and devices for minor children suffering from scoliosis whose families cannot afford the costs.

Q: What is your vision for Even Wings, and where do you see it going in the future?

A: Our short term goals are to run a successful campaign. Long term goals include obtaining 501(c)3 status, assisting 10 or more children with treatment per year and launching a college scholarship program for scoliosis patients. School is especially hard for a "scoli-kid". They are in pain 24/7, desks are the least comfortable position and sitting still is very bad for scoliosis. The scholarship program will support scoli-kids with overcoming obstacles most people aren’t even aware of.

Q: Why did you choose the name Even Wings, is there a significance or special story?

A: There’s an inspired relevance. One of the first noticeable signs of scoliosis is the unevenness of the shoulders. As scoliosis bends and twists the spine, the shoulder blade on the higher shoulder will protrude. When I draw an angel, their wings grow out from the shoulder blades. The shoulders must be even for the wings to be even. Also, an airplane pilot has to make sure his plane’s wings are even during takeoff and landing. Basically, you need even wings to fly. Idiopathic scoliosis shows up in adolescents - the age when they are supposed to begin learning how to “fly” in life - and it changes everything with it’s painful twisting of the spine. Health, self image, self confidence, comfort, sleep, activity, mood, wardrobe, etc. - They need “even wings” so they can fly.

Q: What do you recommend for other people, especially parents of children who are dealing with these challenges?

A: Learn, learn LEARN! I recommend becoming an expert on scoliosis. Be a champion for your child’s condition and seek multiple medical opinions before committing to a treatment, especially surgery. Join forums and groups on social media. Parents tell all and you can learn so much from others sharing their experience.

Q: What can we all do as a community to support the mission + vision of Even Wings?

A: Thank you for asking me that Vibe! EvenWings was founded because Nadia wants to help others like her. The grass roots approach is better than doing nothing but to make a major impact, EvenWings will need to become a Federally recognized charitable organization. Funds raised beyond the need for Nadia’s surgery will go to establishing EvenWings as a 501(c)3, developing the tools to campaign more effectively and minimum infrastructure to serve. Anyone who feels good about supporting our mission can give a monetary donation and/or share our campaign with your circles. I want to stress sharing Nadia’s story. God works through people to make things happen because He wants us to be a community. The person who could help tremendously is probably a friend of a friend of yours. You can make a donation and see the latest updates on the current campaign

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your story with VIBES Lifestyle + Our Followers!



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