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Go Local!

So, Mother's Day is right around the corner... and perhaps you still haven't picked up a gift. Well, before you do... consider stopping by a local shop and supporting some of your local artisans. This goes out to everyone in the world, because there are creators in our communities that are working really hard to thrive against big name competitors.

Don't get me wrong, websites like Amazon are very convenient. So, by all means continue to order your paper toiletries and such online. However, when it comes to gifts from the heart, they do mean so much more when love and care has been put into their creation by a local artisan.

Craft markets, fairs and festivals have become ever so popular, and for good reason! People are finally allowing their creative spark to burst into a wild flame, and it's beautiful! Have you been to any of these types of events lately? You can feel the energy buzzing as vendors give talks on their artworks and how they came to fruition! It's wonderful that more and more of these outlets are emerging in small towns and cities, bringing community together, and providing more sustainable options for consumers.

We will be hosting a Mother's Day Market @ Olwen Sudio in Palm Beach, Florida this Saturday, May 11th from 11am-3pm! Featuring local jewelry designers, artists, music, light bites + our lovely organic teas, so be sure to join us! Local is the Way To Go!!!

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