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From The Heart

As we explore who we are and why we are here, there are many peaks and valleys that we come upon. Who are we in this world? What is our true relationship to our bodies? Are we empowered to influence the circumstances of our lives, or are we victims to a destiny we did not design? Our ancestors sought out the answers to these questions, so we need only look to the sages to find these jewels of wisdom.

Stop for a moment, listen to your beating heart. Notice the rhythm, the pattern that repeats over and over, without any thought or effort on your part, the heart goes on. How powerful, how magnificent! This organ, that keeps you alive, which you can tune in and listen to at any moment of the day or night, as a reminder that YOU ARE HERE NOW. The next moment doesn't matter, and neither does the moment that just passed. YOU ARE HERE NOW. Listen. Do you hear your heart beating? Listen. Go Deeper.

Society has wired us to be in a constant state of stress, and it is up to each of us as individuals to rewire ourselves. They lied to you. You do not have to stay busy all of the time in order to be productive. They lied to you. You do not have to compare yourself to others or live up to anyone's expectations except your own. Tell yourself the truth. Remind yourself that you are a soul in a body with breath and a heartbeat. These other, external things do not define you. Infinite Energy is what you are made of. Do not limit yourself with beliefs that you cannot go as far as you wish to go in this life. Look around, and you will see shining examples of people who overcame serious challenges, and still became victorious! Live. Live From The Heart!

As a bonus, here is Gregg Braden's enlightening audio download with Deepak Chopra "An Ancient Magical Prayer - Insights From The Dead Sea Scrolls", enjoy!

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