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Mindful Meditation

Do you meditate? If so, think for a moment on Why you do. If you do not, think for a moment on Why you do not. Mindfulness Meditation is an alternative for those who feel that they cannot sit still and meditate. Many people are suffering from stress, tension + anxiety. How much time is in a day? Not enough. So it is vital to make each moment count!

Moving through your day, you could either imitate "The Walking Dead" or you could be mindful in your approach to even the simplest activities. It's up to you! Bringing mindful awareness into your daily routine will offer a new perspective on the mundane, and you will also be more cautious + attentive to things, which will impact your life as a whole.

Training the mind is never easy, but it is necessary. When you have control of the mind you are able to be more productive and your goals become easier to attain. Mindful Meditation's objective is to help you create a state of your own relaxed, more observant, quieter + calmer mind. The purpose is to allow you to release yourself from the chronic busyness of any excessive day-to-day thinking patterns, so that you may positively benefit in all ways --- mind, body + spirit.

Perhaps you have found that sometimes your own thoughts can build up + up, so much that this continuous habit of thinking could become a worrying, stressful type of mind chatter. Or perhaps you do recognize it to be an excessive need of your own mind's wish to analyze, evaluate + replay certain events over + over + over.

When this happens to us it can feel as if we are becoming trapped or locked in some endless spiral of unhelpful mental activity, without any clear sign of easy relief. Within psychology, this constant replaying, reanalyzing, or rethinking our life's events is known by the term "Rumination", regarded as very common to the states of chronic anxiety + depression. But thankfully there is a solution + it comes within the practice of mindfulness meditation.

We can powerfully train our conscious minds with these techniques. Your mind will be focused towards the more productive + resourceful states of enjoying the very real sense of pleasant, confidently felt emotional detachment. After all, it is the emotional component of anxiety, the stresses + worries, that we are seeking to ultimately change.

So now, let us begin...

Lay in a position that is most comfortable.

Allow your awareness to move to your breath, noticing the rise + fall of your chest.

Become more aware of each part of your body with each breath.

Notice any resistance or tension in the body + breathe deeply into it.

As each breath moves in + out of you, become more aware of sensations in your body.


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