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StyleLikeU + Olie Biologique

The Hole Gallery, NYC

by Madeeha Khan

This past Tuesday night, The Hole Gallery in NYC was charged with powers of raw acceptance and individuality. This was not your ordinary night of beauty.

The mother-daughter duo behind the StyleLikeU mission which celebrates individuals’ authentic style and its What’s Underneath Project collaborated with oil guru Linda Thompson of Olie Biologique to honor 6 inspiring women for their beauty and individualism. Molly Guy, Rachel Fleit, Mari Malek, Melanie Gaydos, Sarah Jane Adams, and Biet Simkin individually worked with What’s Underneath to voice their beautiful truths while also collaborating with Olie Biologique to create their own limited edition oils that embody their unique spirits.

Each muse introduced their signature oil and those attending were able to purchase them with 10% off, and the profits going to StyleLikeU to further their mission to inspire a respect and appreciation for individual style that is not defined by the clothes we wear.

Each oil consisted of a unique formula using herbs, oils and scents that spoke to the women. While Biet’s oil blended oils like Pumpkin Seed and Blue Chamomile, with actual 23 Karat Gold Flakes to represent the extraordinary, Melanie’s oil featured Sandalwood and Yarrow to ground the individual, and remind them that where they are in life is where they are meant to be.

StyleLikeU & Olie had a photographer on hand to showcase all of the unique personalities in the space via photos of them holding a sign that read, “#MyBeautyIsMyStory”. The energy was contagious while attendees were inspired by others to get in front of the camera and showcase their unique style. Take a look at the shots below and continue your own beauty movement by using #MyBeautyIsMyStory on social media platforms.

What’s Underneath is Ripping

Through the

Racism, Sexism, & Ageism



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