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A love for wellness + tea meets a passion for art, and they dance in perfect harmony. Tea is a Lifestyle as well as an art form. We pay homage to the ancient traditions by performing modern Gong Fu ceremonies + teaching about the history, as well as the many health benefits of tea.

Tea is also known as "Cha" in Chinese culture, where tea originated. Cha is far more than a beverage you sip from time to time. Once you make tea a part of your life, you begin to embody the essence of the tea. Its gentle nature, its peace + serenity becomes part of you. 

We want to share nature's gift with those who enjoy tasting the finest delights that life has to offer. With a focus on wellness + opulence, we curate our collection of wellness focused products + ART OF CHA organic, artisan teas + tisanes to the epicurean pallet. 

Our teas are sourced from Organic producers and perfectly packaged  for ultimate sustainability. 

We are committed to excellence + raising the bar on luxury tea to meet + exceed

our customers expectations.


Sip + Swoon

Chef Loic's delights entice all of the senses! Perfectly complimented w/tea!

Sip + Style

Wear Luv is an eco sustainable boutique where you can find unique styles + tea!

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 09.58.13.png

Sip + Eat

ALCHEMY Juice Bar + Market offers a variety of delicious bites +sweets to accompany your tea!


Sip + Indulge

A Collective of Conscious Cooking Collaboration! Vegan cuisine + delicious baked goods!

Sip + Learn

The Garden Shoppe is an Oasis of Plants, Art + Tea!

Attend the various workshops + enjoy some sips!

Sip + Seek

Composition Coffee House is a timeless, charming sanctuary inside Elizabeth Ave Station

w/a collective of locals!

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