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  • Gong Fu Cha

    An eloquent presentation, for up to 4 people, of our organic, artisan, luxury teas in the traditional Gong Fu Style. Learn the history of tea, as well as some of the modern evolutions of tea, while experiencing a variety of different teas Gong Fu Style. Gong fu means the art of doing something well. In the tea ceremony known as gong fu, the implication is that time, dedication and effort will produce an ultimate tea experience. The phrase is also spelled as kung fu, kung fu-cha or gong fu-cha. Gong fu is a formal Chinese tea ceremony, albeit less so than Japanese chanoyu. A specialty of Fukien, a major oolong tea-producing area in mainland China, it has become a signature tea service in the Republic of China (aka Taiwan and formerly known as Formosa). When politics impacted Fujian centuries ago, many tea manufacturers moved from there to Formosa and brought both their oolong tea growing skills and tea ceremony to the island country. Although there are many steps in the gong fu tea ceremony, they are easy to master and they rarely take more than ten minutes to perform. Guests usually number two to four. Accoutrements Perforated wooden or metal tray: holds all the accoutrements. Its holes allow the drips of water to flow through onto a tray beneath to catch inevitable spills. Bamboo Tools: critical to avoid fingers or hands touching the tea leaves and spoiling them with sweat, oils or scent from our skin. Stored in a cylindrical bamboo vase, they include a scoop for measuring tea, tongs for lifting the small cups and fragrance cups, plus a tea needle. The tea needle has one pointed end to clear leaves from the teapot spout and a blunt spatulated end to scrape leaves from inside the teapot after brewing is completed. A wooden collar may be included; it is set into an open teapot when the leaves are poured in and protects the leaves from falling onto the serving tray. Caddy: holds tea leaves; preferably bamboo, porcelain bowl or lacquered tin. Store tea in these only for tea brewing and return leaves to their original packaging after the ceremony to retain the freshness of the tea. Terrycloth or linen towel: to wipe the bottom of the teapot after warming it with water. It should be folded neatly and placed near the wooden tray. Hot water: for washing the tea, cup and teapot. Tea kettle for heating the water for washing cups and pot, brewing the tea and to keep the water warm for additional pourings. On-site or willing to travel between Jupiter + Miami.

  • Tea One-On-One

    VIBES Lifestyle Tea offers exclusive, private, luxury tea tasting experiences in South Florida. We provide our entire collection of artisan, organic teas accompanied by a selection of vegan tapas to compliment the flavors + tones of the tea. Join us for a one-on-one excursion in the exploration of tea as a full sensory experience. The ambience, music, art + aromas all intertwine to set the relaxed mood for you to unwind + enjoy! This is the perfect experience for a special occasion, such as anniversaries, birthdays + romantic celebrations. Available for up to 2 people.

  • Elemental Voyage

    Host a VIBES Lifestyle "ART OF CHA" Tea Lounge in your space! We provide our luxury collection of organic teas + all necessary materials to serve guests. Pop Up Tea Lounges last approximately 2-4 depending on your event needs.

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  • VIBES TeaTox

    Time for a TeaTox! Also known as a Detox with Tea... The 3 Best Detox Teas For Weight Loss: 1. Green Tea Green Tea is king when it comes to health benefits. It's packed with antioxidants that can help flush free radicals from the body. In fact, it has a particularly high concentration of EGCG, or epigallocatechin—a tea catechin that is known to aid weight loss. The tea boosts metabolism, which helps the body burn fat more efficiently. Check out our Jasmine Pearl Green Tea or Serenitea Blooming Green Tea! 2. Oolong Tea Oolong Tea, or wulong tea, is a Chinese tea that is partially oxidized. The oxidation can range from 8 to 80 percent depending on the technique and tea master's desires. Lightly oxidized teas are typically sweet and mild while heavily oxidized oolongs are robust and earthy. Like green tea, oolong tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It boasts a large number of antioxidants and natural ingredients that eliminate toxins and free radicals that can increase the risk of stress-related weight gain. Oolong tea has been shown to reduce lipids in the liver. In fact, one study found that EGCG and theaflavins in oolong tea help to decrease weight loss and detoxify the body. The tea catechins inhibit lipogenesis—the metabolic formation of fats. Researchers also found that oolong tea inhibits pancreatic lipase activity, resulting in a decrease of fat absorption and an increase of fat expulsion in waste. Check out our Iron Goddess Oolong Tea! 3. Puerh Tea Puerh Tea uses its oxidative properties to deliver increased levels of oxygen, which enhances circulation and blood flow. By delivering more oxygen to the brain, Puerh tea can help combat headaches and migraines and reduces free radicals that can cause serious illnesses. In traditional Chinese medicine, Puerh tea has been used to aid the spleen and stomach in filtering toxins throughout the body. Puerh tea contains simple sugars and microorganisms that help the spleen cleanse blood and eliminate free radicals. You can consume Puerh tea daily to enjoy consistent effects or use it periodically as a cleanse to restore your body's essential functions. Check out our Puerh Tea! Why Choose A Tea Detox: Detox teas are true teas or herbal teas that contain phytonutrients that help to improve weight loss. They do this by accelerating metabolism and increasing the body's fat burning abilities. They also promote a healthy liver by streamlining liver function and clearing out the digestive tract. Doing a tea detox can help accelerate weight loss by reducing stress. Antioxidants and polyphenols in tea work to eliminate free radicals—compounds that cause oxidative stress. These increased stress levels can cause everything from weight gain to premature aging. The antioxidants in detox tea work to flush out these toxins, helping you maintain a healthy weight. They also eliminate wastes thanks to their mild laxative effects. By detoxing your body, you can help restart healthy body functions and jump-start your metabolism. Doing A Tea Detox: Drinking detox teas may help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly. It can also help to rid your body of harmful pathogens and free radicals that have been linked to serious disease. You can choose detox herbal teas or true teas depending on your flavor preferences. You can also opt for tea bags, which are great for convenience or loose leaf varieties that pack in the health benefits. Losing weight isn't just about drinking weight loss tea. Make sure to exercise regularly—around 30 minutes 5 to 6 times per week—and eat a healthy diet. You can also pair your detox tea with a detox diet to maximize results. We hope you will enjoy a lovely TeaTox in the near future, and a great way to brew + serve your tea is in a beautiful, handblown glass teaset, that way you can see the leaves as they steep. It's very relaxing to watch them dance and sway in the water! #stayinspired


    What Is SABALI? The Procreation Of Imagination The Art + The Artists SABALI means “Patience” in the Bambara dialect from the Mali region of Africa. Reminding us to have patience in all aspects, especially when bringing our creative imaginations to life. SABALI celebrates The Perfection Of Imperfection + The Permanence Of Impermanence. SABALI encompasses all aspects of Inspired Design, including porcelain sculpture, acrylic paintings, fine art photography, and structures composed of both found + natural elements. Dynamic Duo The Muse + The Artist. The Artist + The Muse. Co-inspiring one another, Vibe + Guido are Fine Artists who enjoy creating from a multitude of mediums. The world is filled with beautiful + unique elements, which are often incorporated into the artwork. Vibe + Guido have a true respect, affinity + appreciation of nature, and seek to spread awareness of self, balance and harmony with all that surrounds us. Vibe has a background in painting, drawing, writing, photography, sculpture and multi-media, while Guido has a background in sculpture, painting, and industrial design. Together they are making a huge impact on the art scene, by sharing their vibrant + multi-faceted art collections with the world. Vibe + Guido are two inspired artists intertwining their talents to bring to life the visions, creations + collections of SABALI. Together their creative expression emerges, and as imagination meets procreation, they continue to bring their unboxed version of reality into existence. SABALI MISSION We must allow ourselves to be mindfully present in the moment and to also be an integral part of the unfolding of each moment thereafter. Patience gives us the freedom to choose where we direct our energy and how we show up in this world. SABALI is inspired by the trials + tribulations of Life. The permanence of + impermanence of Nature. The ever changing atmosphere of all things tangible + intangible. The Procreation of Imagination. SABALI may appear as a ceramic sculpture, a painting, a photograph, a sketch, or a design. SABALI is Everywhere + Ever Present. Being passed down as family heirlooms throughout the generations is the ultimate intention. SABALI remains in your heart + in the hearts of your loved ones, forever + ever. Join Us for our Gallery Opening, this Saturday, June 19th @ 3-6PM, Location: 1401 Clare Ave, #1503 West Palm Beach, FL! Inside of Grandview Public, where you will also find plenty of treats, restaurants, cafe, a full bar, a gorgeous co-working space, plenty of outdoor seating, local artisans and so much more! SEE YOU SOON! STAY INSPIRED! #inspiredliving

  • FIT - GLOW - FAB!

    "Now all the masters knows that you need the glow, You need the glow, the glow to grow. If you love to live, you live to love, Hah, you got to move to the upper level. Cos When you got the glow, there ain't no stopping, what you want to do. hah, oh. To reach that upper level, your mind, body and soul must be one. It's a way of life. When you got the glow, you feel the one, (You feel the one) When you got the glow, Your body's gold, (Your body's gold) So don't let go, of the power of elevation. (Power) Shine on, Shine on, Shine on, shine on, Get the glow, Get the glow, Get the glow, grow." "The Glow" Song by Willie Hutch "The Last Dragon" I think we can all agree that you feel much better when you "GLOW"! There are many aspects that contribute to this Glow, such as diet, emotional wellbeing, sun exposure, and skincare! Our vitality is most vibrant when we take care of ourselves, thats when we Shine! It's no coincidence that we favor FitGlow for this very reason. Taking "self-care" to the next level, with the perfect chemistry between your skin and clean, effective ingredients. Healthy relationships have one thing in common: great chemistry. And it’s no different when it comes to your skin and what you put on it. Fitglow Beauty’s mission is to create skincare and makeup products that have perfect chemistry with your skin. Their science-first approach to formulation and ingredient selection is based on three requirements: Will the skin recognize the ingredient? Can skin absorb the nutrients ? Can skin maximize the potential of its key actives? For an ingredient to be effective, it has to be delivered in a form that is agreeable with your skin and in a meaningful dose. Why is this process important? Because even the most celebrated skincare ingredients may perform in a lab, but may not necessarily work with your skin. Fitglow skincare and skin-nourishing, targeted treatment makeup is formulated to work in harmony with your skin made from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients that are free of heavy oils, silicones and waxes. Their skin-transforming products are made with the health of your skin in mind, particularly skin that faces challenges such as dehydration, redness, sun damage and showing signs of premature aging. The transformation happens when your skin recognizes an ingredient it can effectively use to elevate your skin to a well rested, plump, healthy and irritation-free complexion. Fitglow products feed skin gentle and compatible ingredients in impactful doses that restore youthful skin function and help it thrive. Fitglow creates a layered system of treatment with their targeted treatment makeup that is as effective as their skincare to provide an extended treatment plan that lasts all day long. More than clean ingredients, these formulas are proven effective through extensive scientific research and reinforced by many clients’ transformations. Fitglow products harness the best natural ingredients to provide all the nutrition skin needs to achieve optimal health and fitness. Cruelty-free, silicone-free, plant-based and effective natural ingredients. Certified clean by Think Dirty. I have been enjoying the Pink Peony Clay Mask + Eye Cream the most so far, because these are two products that I use regularly and can't stand to be without. I like to pamper myself with face masks that actually work. I do my own facials at home, because I prefer to be the one who is the most in tune with my skin. I want to nourish it, cleanse it, and take care of it. Keeping my under-eye area refreshed and youthful is a top priority for me, so I use this eye cream after my shower in the morning and I feel so rejuvenated. I really like creams more than serums or oils because it feels like it absorbs evenly and effectively. They also offer a marvelous variety of skin care, make-up, body care, kits + gifts! MEET ANNA: Anna is a lifelong health and fitness expert, inspired by nature and science all in one. Through many years of trial and error trying to heal her ultra-sensitive rosacea skin, she found synthetic products were too harsh and irritating on her skin, and products in the green beauty space were challenging to her skin due to high essential oils, waxes and unstable actives found in the formulas. Unable to find products that would solve her problematic skin and were free from harsh toxins and rich in proven bio actives, she set out to create products that would give her the results her skin craved and needed. As a personal trainer and health nutritionist, she found that beautiful skin and health go hand in hand - you are what you consume - so she has spent over a decade researching plant-based ingredients and working closely with skin experts, doctors and chemists to refine and perfect evidence-based formulas that go beyond the top layer of the skin. With a belief that you should not have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients, Anna’s challenge was set — create products that do the work for you so your skin can flourish and thrive. Born in Poland and raised in the countryside of Canada, she found inspiration and passion for healing via plant remedies. That’s where Fitglow was born. We hope you stay "skin-spired" and share your thoughts on how you get your glow and what you love most about Fitglow with us! Enjoy 15% Off with code: vibeslifestyle when you shop all Fitglow products! #inspiredliving

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  • VIBES Lifestyle | Inspired Living

    . INSPIRED LIVING . Create . Connect . Inspire SHOP ART INSPIRED DESIGN SABALI LUXURY TEA INSPIRED INFUSIONS ART OF CHA ZEN INSPIRED WELLNESS ART OF ZEN .Consciously Curated Content . MEDIA . Inspired Living Features . BLOG VIBES TeaTox 392 Write a comment 23 SABALI GALLERY 607 Write a comment 47 FIT - GLOW - FAB! 1,005 Write a comment 70 . Amplify Your Vibe . SOCIAL . Connecting Tea + Community . VISIT VEGAN KITCHEN Sip + Indulge A Collective of Conscious Cooking Collaboration! Vegan cuisine + delicious baked goods! VISIT GARDEN SHOPPE Sip + Learn The Garden Shoppe is an Oasis of Plants, Art + Tea! Attend the various workshops + enjoy some sips! VISIT WEARLUV Sip + Seek Wear Luv is an eco sustainable boutique where you can find unique styles + tea! VISIT SOUL READER CHRONICLE I + II BOOKS Join Noir on a Journey Of The Raven, as this series takes flight with the release of SOUL READER - Chronicle I. ​ The challenges faced when emerging from the Underground are beyond our wildest imaginations, and Noir has a task at hand that she must complete... Or else! ​ This is a book of short stories, with multiple Chronicles for each. They will be released one by one! DOWNLOAD Download CHRONICLE I BUY Paperback CHRONICLE I DOWNLOAD Download CHRONICLE II BUY Paperback CHRONICLE II

  • AMAZON | VIBES Lifestyle

    . INSPIRED LIVING . AMAZON CURATED COLLECTIONS VIBES Lifestyle Now Offers Curated Collections Of Inspired Living On AMAZON! ​ For The Convenience Of Our Customers Especially Those w/AMAZON Prime We Feature Conscious, Eco, Vegan, Organic Products, As Well As Home Decor, Essentials, Zen Inspiration, Skincare, Style, Wellness +More! VISIT > Out of gallery SHOP


    . art of cha . . TEA + BOTANICALS . Tea is Art. Tea is a Lifestyle. Our Botanical Infusions are Artisanal Organic Full Leaf Tea Blends + Blooms. Quick View WHITE SAGE Price $8.00 NEW ARRIVAL! Quick View MANGO MIRAGE Price $10.00 NEW ARRIVAL! Quick View TURMERIC TONIC Price $10.00 Quick View GLASS TEASET Price $60.00 Quick View CARAMEL CHAI Price $10.00 Quick View PINE NEEDLE TEA Price $10.00 Quick View SACRED GARDEN Price $10.00 Quick View INTO THE WOODS Price $10.00 Quick View PUERH NUGGZ Price $10.00 Quick View ROSE INFUSION Price $10.00 Quick View LAVENDER INFUSION Price $10.00 Quick View SERENITEA Price $5.00 Quick View IRON GODDESS Price $10.00 Quick View BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWERS Price $10.00 Quick View BLUE JASMINE Price $10.00 Quick View JASMINE PEARL Price $10.00 RETAILERS: ​ VIBES Lifestyle seeks to col laborate w/retailers, spas, resorts, restaurants, tea houses, bakeries, cafes + other locations that align w/our values + mission! ​ Wholesale Accounts are available for RETAILERS ONLY. To setup a Wholesale Account, please place your order above, using RETAILER CODE: WHOLESALE50 + fill in the form below. ​ Thank you! Registration To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. First Name Last Name Email Phone Order # Business Name Address Message Submit *$100 Order Minimum . LOCATIONS . LOIC BAKERY Sip + Swoon Chef Loic's delights entice all of the senses! Perfectly complimented w/tea! VISIT WEAR LUV Sip + Style Wear Luv is an eco sustainable boutique where you can find unique styles + tea! VISIT ALCHEMY Sip + Eat ALCHEMY Juice Bar + Market offers a variety of delicious bites +sweets to accompany your tea! VISIT VEGAN KITCHEN Sip + Indulge A Collective of Conscious Cooking Collaboration! Vegan cuisine + delicious baked goods! VISIT GARDEN SHOPPE Sip + Learn The Garden Shoppe is an Oasis of Plants, Art + Tea! Attend the various workshops + enjoy some sips! VISIT COMPOSITION Sip + Seek Composition Coffee House is a timeless, charming sanctuary inside Elizabeth Ave Station w/a collective of locals! VISIT COME SIP W/US!

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