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A beautifully crafted, one of a kind, SABALI Fine Art Porcelain Rose.

"My grandmother had roses that were preserved in time, and so my sister and I would always dry roses and keep them. In her memory and in honor of family heirlooms being passed down through the generations, I have created the SABALI ROSE." 🌹-Vibe

Elevate any space, display or setting w/a SABALI ROSE. Excellent for wedding rings at proposals, to be kept forever. Perfect for a special occasion gift, and anything else your creative heart may desire.

SABALI means "Patience" in the Bambara dialect from the Mali region of Africa. Reminding us to have patience in all aspects of life, especially when diving into our creative imaginations.

Porcelain is so delicate and allows for a multitude of imperfections. A perfect reflection of life.

Procreation Of Imagination

Perfection Of Imperfection

Permanence Of Impermanence

Handsculpted Porcelain Ceramic Rose

Size: 4" x 3"


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