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2018 Shu Puerh Tea Cake 100 grams

Excellent wellness tea for detox, weightloss and immunity boost.

Puerh tea is made from fresh leaves of Yunnan Big Leaf tea trees, which are picked, withered, killed green, rolled, and sun-dried. It is also called Shai Qing Mao tea. The Shai Qing Mao tea can be directly weighed, pressed and dried to make Puerh raw tea, while the cooked tea has to be made by wet pile, fermentation and other processes.

Holding a history that dates back over 1700 years ago, puerh tea is most commonly found in China. Our pu er tea is produced in Menghai County, Yunnan Province, grown naturally, hand-picked, without additives.

Yunnan Big Leaf Tea tree is a famous Chinese tea tree, is the original species of Puerh tea.

In the past, many teas in China were in bulk, which was difficult to store and transport, especially for those who often traveled outside, which was very inconvenient, so Xiaotuo tea was produced. It is shaped like a rice bowl, bird nest, small and delicate, and easy to carry.


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