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Vision To Reality

Using the power of your imagination to create your life is happening whether you are aware of it or not. Most of us slip in and out of consciousness, even after we become aware, because we are faced with the everyday plights associated with "the matrix", and so we get caught up in it over and over again. Then something happens, a spark, a synchronicity... a divine interaction. POW! Our eyes are open again!

Use this moment to reevaluate areas of your life where you may have drifted off to sleep. Bringing your focus to these facets allows you to do some tidying up and clarifying. When you assess your life from a neutral standpoint, you are able to consciously create the life that you desire.

Every time you have a desire, you actually have a goal! For many people, goals appear as challenges and that can seem negative or tiresome. Especially to those whom have experienced "failure" in the past. The fear arises that failure may strike again, so it is easier to just avoid making goals altogether. This is false! We must heal and move beyond it. Allowing our so-called "failures" to become lessons instead, frees us from the burden of carrying around that heavy weight.

Goals give you a specific focus, guide you in the direction of your dreams, and give you the motivation to get moving! Once you decide on a goal, then it is also up to you to be sure to enjoy the journey itself, appreciating each step of the way, instead of focusing on arriving at the goal. Imagine yourself already attaining your goal, and then release it to the Universe/Divine Creator. This does not mean that you should stand still and wait. This means that you should take Inspired Action, based on your Intuition/Divine Guidance. By releasing all resistance and not rushing to the finish line, you will have a more enjoyable experience while reaching your goals.

Take a moment to write a goal that is very important to you. Write it very clearly and make it something that is believable to you.

1- Write your goal. (Example: "My goal is to have inner peace and to meditate each day.")

2- Write your goal in the Present tense. ("I am grateful that I have inner peace and daily meditation as part of my life.")

3- Say your affirmation as often as possible. (At least a few times daily.)

4- Write a short narrative describing the life you desire, include as many details as possible.

You are the designer + the architect of your life. Start here, start NOW!




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