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The name was intriguing to begin with... An old friend from New York mentioned "Victoria Akkari", and said that she thought we should definitely connect. Instantly, upon visiting the account and website, I had to agree, because there was a delightful connection that I felt with the aesthetic and vibrance of her page and collections. Everything is so beautiful, intentional and highly curated. Her style is poetic, and her flat lays are epic. The colors dance in your imagination, and it's so refreshing to see this creative perspective on home decor and design.

It was a pleasure to try the Culinary Argan Oil, especially since we (mainly he) like(s) to get creative in the kitchen! There are a myriad of wonderful items to choose from, including things like all-natural soaps, handmade ceramics, tabletop, and so much more!

Of course we had to go behind the scenes and get an interview with the Founder of the brand that we so admire, Victoria Gaynor from New York! We hope this Inspired Living Spotlight Feature Inspires YOU!

Q: What inspired you to launch Victoria Akkari? A: A trip to Marrakech, Morocco was the start of something I always dreamed of- having a business that allowed me to be creative and work with artisans.

Q: What is the Mission + Vision Of Victoria Akkari?

A: I love seeking out artists, especially women artisans to work with. I'm quite inspired by travel and food and find myself drawn to certain cultures. I look forward to doing some collaborations but also seeing some ideas I've had in my heart for a long time come to fruition. I want people to know that many things can be considered art and we should enjoy them every day! Q: What are a few of your personal favorite items that you offer and why?

A: I love the work of Ina’Atelier. She is a ceramist living in Tunisia whose work is inspired by ancient tiles and design. I always loved precisions, but her work is deconstructed and purposefully imperfectly, so she made me think differently and changed my point of view; this is what art can do! I also adore the luxury Egyptian linens we have from a wonderful social enterprise called Malaika Linens. The work is exquisite but also a bit whimsical with an ode to ancient Egypt.

Q: What inspired you to work with the talented women artisans of North Africa and the Middle East?

A: I love Middle Eastern and North African design and have always been fascinated with Egypt. After working with a women’s cooperative in Morocco, I was hooked.

Q: Where are some of the places that you've traveled to, and how have they inspired you?

A: Places like London, Italy, France, Spain, and Morocco have all left an influence on me. Travel stays with you and changes how you view the world. The first time I went I Barcelona and saw the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, it was love at first sight. I thought one day I will live here; let's see! Morocco had the biggest color and design Influence on me. I mean, Yves Saint Laurent designed in black until he went to Marrakech, and then everything changed.

Q: Do you have a health regiment? If so, what is it and how do you stay consistent?

A: Now I am getting back into some good routines I always enjoyed, like working out. I started lifting weights again, cycling at the gym- you feel better. Also, I drink tons of lemon water, because I love it.

Q: What are some of your favorite foods to eat, and do you enjoy cooking?

A: I could eat pasta every day drizzled in culinary argan oil, and never tire of spinach. I was cooking a lot over the last few years, and then not so much. I do enjoy cooking and was experimenting with making vegan dishes, using Jack fruit, and even trying my hand at desserts; I started making galettes with vegan butter and had to stop myself, LOL!

Q: What is your favorite color, and what does it make you think of?

A: Blue! It makes me think of the universe.

Q: Do you drink tea, and if so, what is your favorite?

A: I drink tea, and have been making lots of ice tea lately. I love elderberry tea and Moroccan mint tea, but only in Morocco!

Q: If you could dine anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you take with you?

A: On a sunset beach anywhere in the world with the love of my life.

Q: Did you always know you would be an entrepreneur?

A: I thought about it but didn't think I could do it.

Q: What are some of your hobbies that you do in your spare time?

A: I love films and going to museums like the MET; it's still one of my favorite places in New York. I used to read lots of books, but that muscle needs some work! Traveling is back on this list.

Q: What do you envision as the future for Victoria Akkari?

A: I would like to see Victoria Akkari doing more socially impactful work with the environment and sustainable development.

Q: What is your favorite aroma, and what memories does it bring to mind?

A: As a fragrance, I love OUDS; they make me feel peaceful and calm.

Q: Do you have a favorite interior design show or interior designer that you admire?

A: I adore Tom Dixon, and I was obsessed with this show from years ago about a buyer for Anthroplogie called Man Shops Globe, it was such an adventure!

Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

A: Love is the one thing that can and will change the world.

Q: Who is a person you have always admired, and why do you admire them?

A: I admire my mom in a different way now than I had when she was still here. She was very stubborn; I have a bit of that from her, but she had a good heart and we were very good friends.

Q: Where do you live, and in what ways does it inspire you?

A: I live in New York, but right outside of the city, in the most lovely Tudor-style neighborhood with lots of trees and flowers and stone, which gives you the feeling of an Old European town. I love it here, taking walks and photographing lots of flowers, which makes me happy.

Q: If you could offer any advice to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps what would it be?

A: You have to be 1000% committed. If you stop to take a break because this was too hard or that didn't work out as you expected, or you don't have enough time or money, then you have to ask yourself what is my real reason for wanting this? Honesty is your best friend.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say or share with us?

A: What is life without a dream or goal? We are here for a very short time, so go for the desires of your heart. Make mistakes, fall, get up again, be kind to people just because. Stop being afraid or caring about what people think. That freedom will change your life.

Wow, really love what she said about Honesty being your best friend. The Truth Will Set You Free, and "That Freedom Will Change Your Life". Now that's INSPIRED LIVING!


Be good to yourselves, and each other!


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