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Two Cents...

When we are born, we come into this world with a fresh perspective. We begin to grow and learn, and the brainwashing commences. It comes through the media, school, family, friends, mentors and other types of indoctrination. Certain things become normalized, and people often learn to build up a tolerance. There is a comfort that comes along with putting our heads in the sand and ignoring what's going on around us. It would be nice to just forget about all the chaos that is occurring in the world. But if we do that, things will never truly change or get better.

There is a problem, and we all know it. Anyone that says this is not true, is in denial. The collective problem is a lack of Awareness. People haven't been paying attention, most have been pretending that all is well. This is easy to do when the problem isn't rearing its ugly head right in your face. However, when the roar becomes loud enough, the sound is deafening, and even those in denial need to make a move. This is why people are now speaking out who have never spoken out before.

This problem cannot continue and it is up to us, The People, to do something about it. It starts with our daily habits and practices. It starts with how we treat one another. It starts with understanding the cultures of those who are unlike you, and seeing the history that created their circumstances. Once you know a persons journey, your opinion of them often changes. The world is drowning in ignorance, and it's time to wake up!

Take a few moments to think about what you can do in your life to make an impact. The smallest things can make the biggest difference, so take a moment and be inspired by those who came before you and left footprints in the sand. We need leaders now more than ever, those who can guide by example. It's time to Be The Change! Jot down a few goals that you can achieve over the next few weeks that will help to move us in the right direction.

Art as a form of expression and creative outlet can be very healing, and I wrote this poem long ago, however it is very relevant at this present time, so I will share it with you now...


As I awake to see another day

Another lonely face

A different time

A different place

A world of bathing apes

I want to make a change

I grew up a different way

And I learned a lot of things

The superior race were slaves

That’s why the caged bird sings

Many men were lynched

Desperation bathed in sin

The hate we hold within





There’s nothing new under the sun

We’re all Gods children

We are one

Why does race separate us

While brand names degrade us

White hoods say to hate us

Deliver us from hatred

Deliver us from evil

Amazing grace to

All My People


Bless Us!

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