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The Golden Trio

Plants, Art + Tea are a stellar combination, and let me tell you why! Imagine breezing through the doorway of a nearby oasis, filled with lush, green foliage, sprinkled with orchids + succulents. Picture sipping the finest artisan teas + botanical blends, while observing a live painting session by a very talented artist. Then take a moment to envision learning about plants + herbs, brushing up on your home gardening skills, and learning how to grow mindfully in small spaces. This is what you will experience when you visit The Garden Shoppe in the gorgeous new Rosemary Square.

The artwork of Sarah Lapierre @thickpaint is very Florida inspired, and it brings a dynamic approach to visuals that South Florida locals see on a regular basis. From delicious fruits to marvelous sunsets, Sarah Lapierre truly captures the essence of the subject, allowing you to feel as though you could walk right into the painting, or grab the object + pull it out! The colors are so vibrant + prominent, the texture is thick, hence the name @thickpaint. Sarah often shares her techniques via her instagram, and you can take a look at more of her artwork there, or by visiting The Garden Shoppe in Downtown, West Palm Beach. You will also see her beautiful murals around town, like this one of the Hibiscus flower below!

Tea is Life, and in an effort to share the Art-of-Cha with more people, VIBES Lifestyle offers fabulous, luxury, artisan teas, tea-ware + accessories. Up until recently we were hosting tea tasting and zen tea workshops, sharing the ancient history + culture of tea, while teaching the technique of tea ceremony and various brewing styles.

Pictured below is our SERENITEA Blooming Tea, which unfurls into a flower surrounded by green tea leaves, once steeped in hot water. It is truly a sight to see, and it is very relaxing to watch, which is why we named it SERENITEA. It has the healing power of anti-oxidants, and is the fountain of youth, with all of its anti-aging properties. Drinking tea can detoxify your body and boost your immune system! Click here to learn more about our teas!

This collaboration is in an effort to support the mission of Palm Beach Farmyards, a local nonprofit organization, to create organic, regenerative gardens in urban areas throughout the Palm Beaches, and to teach growing + sustainability via workshops + events. Mike Kane is the Founder + Operator of PB Farmyards, certified Florida Master Gardeners with over 7 years experience landscaping in high-end, multimillion-dollar estate gardens on Palm Beach.

PB Farmyards partners with top-level landscape architects and irrigation contractors, there is no job too big or too small. With clients like American Express and Related Companies (Rosemary Square) his work speaks for itself. PB Farmyards also offers landscape design, installation, and maintenance services throughout Palm Beach County and beyond. He + his crew specialize in raised-bed annual gardens and fruit trees.

Did you know that food often travels over 1,500 miles before it reaches your plate? Are you aware that there have been 9.8 million acres of wetland lost in Florida since the 1980s? Has anyone ever told you there are 50,000 square miles of lawns in the US? PBFarmyards is here to change this. The mission is to turn food deserts into food forests. PB Farmyards creates a more robust local food system by expanding direct producer-to-consumer markets. The goal is to build 30 SPIN farms in Palm Beach County and deliver fresh, local & healthy food to our community.

You can visit The Garden Shoppe for a unique, collective experience in Rosemary Square, formerly known as City Place, located in Downtown West Palm Beach. We hope to be hosting events + workshops soon, but in the meantime... Support The Mission, Support Art, Support Local + Support Small Biz! We Appreciate You ALL!!! <3

You can also shop our teas, art + other Inspired Living products by clicking here!


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