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Tea + Salt... What?!

What does one have to do with the other...? Well, they don't generally go together per se, however they can be a very relaxing combo! Tea is very calming and soothing, it has many healing benefits and is genuinely good for the mind, body + soul! So is Himalayan Salt! Now, you may be thinking... "Do I put the Himalayan Salt in the tea?!" No, not quite... See, Himalayan Salt can be experienced in a variety of ways, other than consumption.

Ever been to or heard of a Himalayan Salt Room? These are becoming so popular because they really give our health a boost! Salt has many natural healing qualities; it's anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. These qualities are what make salt rooms an effective method of relieving a number of respiratory issues like congestion from eczema or mucus from a cold virus. Salt generates negative ions, which help counterbalance the influx of positive ions from the many electronic devices we use every day. This improves our overall mental and emotional health, helping us to relax and de-stress.

Salt has the following properties:

- Antibacterial

- Anti-inflammatory

- Mucolytic effects: loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucociliary transport

- Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)

- Reduces IgE level (immune system oversensitivity)

On October 26th, from 3-5 pm we will be sipping organic, artisan teas + botanical infusions in the beautiful Himalayan Salt Room at Kaffee's Garden Spa in West Palm Beach, FL, as we transcend stress, tension + anxiety with a gentle, guided meditation and Gong Fu Cha Tea Ceremony. By learning the ancient traditions of tea, and finding ways to incorporate these zen practices into your daily life, you can improve the overall quality of your life and obtain inner peace.

Self care is not an option, it is a necessity! We must find ways to recenter ourselves on a regular basis in order to maintain a vibrant life + achieve our highest goals!

To Join Us at this blissful event, click here for your FREE RSVP!




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