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Tea Inspires Art

When you think of art, tea may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a medium, however there are some artists who are very inspired by tea and trailblazing a movement that unifies art and tea. London-based artist, Carne Griffiths uses tea, ink, coffee and liquor to create his masterpieces. These multi-layered portraits include Griffiths’ trademark floral and geometric flourishes. His drawings most frequently explore human and floral forms, he has said that he is fascinated by the flow of line and the ‘invisible lines’ that connect us to the natural world.

After accidentally dipping his paint brush in a glass of brandy, Griffiths continued to experiment with unusual materials. Originally working with a narrow palette of colors he started to dabble with a range of pigments including neons and flourescents, mixing these with textile techniques such as embroidery.

Griffiths enjoys playing with chaos in his works and most pieces are a journey into the unknown, tossing around liquids such as tea and vodka with Derwent’s pigment line painters, and colored inks onto bockingford watercolor paper to create his abstract patterns. Using this method as a starting point, he draws out figurative elements in the work with a fountain pen, then dips it into inks and various teas. Griffiths’ work is mainly focused around natural forms, particularly floral pattern which he blends with portraiture to create mystical beings and ethereal creations.

While discovering the world of tea inspired art, you may want to have a look at the unique works by Artist Ruby Silvious, she has managed to capture people’s imaginations with her remarkable art made from used tea bags.

Ruby Silvious is a New York-based artist and graphic designer, who loves to up-cycle! She enjoys painting on everyday items, and her current work involves painting intricate drawings using steeped tea bags as her canvas.

The artist has compiled her work with tea bags into a book entitled 363 Days of Tea, which documents a year of working on her tea bag painting project.

As well as this year-long series, Silvious also created tea bag-themed spin-offs, “The 26 Days” project, which she completed during a residency in Itoshima, Japan, and “26 Days of Tea”, which she created in Hyeres, France. She used the same media in all three projects: a combination of painting, printmaking, and collage.

There is so much art out there inspired by tea culture, once you begin to seek it out. A fascinating example is this tea pot covered in nails.

The artist, Peter Heywood started with a wax teapot that he had already made. He wanted to press nails through the walls of the pot, fill the pot with resin, and then steam off the wax so that the nail heads formed the surface of the teapot.

The inside of the teapot looked so dramatic that he decided to fill the teapot with clear resin, instead of the red plaster he originally chose, so that the nails would remain visible.

Artist Dara Gold infuses fruit tisanes and teas into her artwork. Instead of just using brown tea, she infuses fruit tisanes to diversify the colors, and create vibrantly beautiful pictures.

To add texture to the art, she uses ink to highlight certain aspects of each picture and to further enhance the pieces.

These pieces are minimal in terms of required materials, however creating art from tea stains definitely requires patience and talent. Dara Gold’s tea stain art is truly remarkable and inspiring.

We also handcraft Tea Inspired Art @ Sabali Luxury, where you can find our handcrafted ceramic sculptures, and we create tea stained abstract canvas art with various colored teas and tisanes. It is very therapeutic and relaxing to create this type of art, and we recommend trying it out, if you feel inspired!



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