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Staying Social

How to stay social during social distancing is a challenge that we are all facing right now. Once you have binged all the Netflix you can binge, and you've finished your online shopping spree, the daunting reality of not being able to just pop out for drinks with friends, or enjoy a lovely Sunday brunch at your favorite local spot, may feel overwhelming. We are social beings who crave interaction, and when we are left to our own devices (cell phones aside) life can begin to feel empty pretty quickly.

If you are feeling lonely and disconnected at this time, you may want to try joining an online community of some kind. Find something that interests you and seek out groups that are based on things you enjoy. Even if you have shied away from things like this in the past, put that aside and try something new! What do you have to lose? You may gain some new online friends, and sometimes those online friends become in-person friends too! You may also acquire some new skills that you didn't previously have, so dive in!

Another thought is, what about the people who live alone with no pets or friends nearby? Some people don't have anyone checking in on them during times like these, and that idea in itself can just cause your heart to sink. What can we do? You may be asking yourself this question. Now is the time to be creative + innovative. Are there any ideas that spring to mind? Maybe you are a tech genius who can create an app that pings us, reminding us to check in on friends + family members. Perhaps you have contacts in your phone that you haven't reached out to in a long time, well the time is now! It can really brighten a person's day just to receive a text saying: "Hey there! How's it going?" Spark a light in the life of another, and see just how much that warms you up inside!

Are there family members that you haven't spoken to in quite some time, this would be a good moment to show them that you care, especially the elderly who may be very lonely at this time. You may have a book or a piece of art that you want to share via video chat, reading to someone or telling them a story behind an object can be very soothing + relaxing. This is a time for mindfulness and compassion, a time to reach deep within yourself and find the love you may have buried there. Unleash your soul, break down your walls and Love. Love with all of your might! Love will save us. Be Love.


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