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"Work smarter, not harder", we've all heard it on more than a few occasions, right?! Well, one way of working smarter is allowing time for rest, but first let's reframe our mindset that surrounds the term "rest". Some people may feel a natural aversion toward this word, and that's because it can come with thoughts of other things that often hold us back, like laziness or procrastination.

However, as soon as you shift the word rest to the word recharge, you automatically recognize that this is a necessity. If you don't recharge your phone will it function? No. It's just that simple, we have to recharge our battery. It is essential to all of our vital functions, and in our general best interest.

If you want to perform optimally, and work smarter, not harder, then be sure to prioritize scheduling time to recharge. If your cell phone battery lasts eight hours, then you know you will have to recharge it at the end of that eight hours, but preferably before it runs out of battery completely.

Also, you most likely aren't going to be using your phone non-stop throughout that eight hour period. You are going to give it breaks, allow it to rest, or even recharge it. A phone being used constantly will overheat and sometimes even malfunction. So, just by seeing this example; and of course we are so much more valuable than our phones, you can see why it is essential to put the extra effort into doing whatever you need to do for your own personal recharge.

If you haven't been doing this already, it's time to find the things that help you recharge and implement them into your daily/weekly/monthly routine. Take a soothing, candle lit bath. Visit a spa. Take a trip. Read a book. Lay on a blanket in the park, or at the beach. It can be very simple things that make all of the difference.






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