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Remnants Of A Dream

Beyond design, beyond style, beyond vision... there are dreams that dance inside of our imaginations. If we can capture and keep hold of them, if we can push past doubt and limitation, then we can fully realize these dreams as the manifested realities of our lives. We are so Inspired by Remnant Heirlooms. Angela Compton, the creator + designer, takes us on a voyage to the depths of memories of times long gone, and kept, held captive in time capsules of silk fabrics. Her garments are radiant and stunning, as they bring forth the inner glow of the goddesses whom they adorn.

A powerful group of women gathered in the forest to celebrate the talent + beauty that each of these pieces embody. Here is a bit about the lady behind the designs:

"I’m a mama of 2 sweet and untamed boys to whom I am blessed to be able to stay home & watch them grow. I’ve been with my husband now for 18 years, half my life, and it’s hands down the better half. Their support and abundant love keeps me dreaming. I believe the world needs more dreamers, more seekers, and more lovers.

I love music, traveling, the ocean, and pretty much everything about the 70’s. I describe my personal style as ‘bohemian with an edge’ and it tends to seep into every part of my life; be it through fashion, interiors, or florals. I am drawn to perfect imperfections in nature and their inherent beauty and my desire to connect and capture that essence in my designs is persistent."

Inspired Living Interview:

Q: What are the five things that inspire you most? A: Jesus, my children, my community, creation, the unknown Q: How did Remnant Heirlooms come to fruition? A: It came out of both a burden and a longing. I was dong florals for weddings for years and the wastefulness in the industry viscerally made me want to reject it. The parallel of how we just used the florals for one day for our own pleasure and convenience and then just tossed them aside when we were no longer entertained by them or when they no longer “looked” pretty, and how this is what we do to people, in our relationships and our communities both burdened me and burned inside of me to innovate.

I wanted to honor the life cycle of the flowers and in people. That the aging/ changing process in both flowers and people/relationships deserved better. That the emotional connection to a day could last if we had something tangible as a memorial stone, outside of photographs. If we had memorial stones in our relationships how much more tangible and lasting they would be. Natural dyeing found me and the wonder around it sparked an idea to use flowers from my weddings to create wearable pieces for my brides so that they could feel the emotion of holding their bouquet for years and pass down those emotions through story and garment.

Q: What is your fondest memory + why? A: The birth of my babies. Both of them, for different reasons. The first was HARD. Left me wounded, broken, feeling abandoned. The second was redemptive. Left me feeling healed, restored, and held. Q: What is your favorite flower + what does it bring to mind right now? A: Hmmm. I don’t really have a favorite flower. It really depends on what I am designing. But, I like anything gestural and weird. I tend to gravitate towards flowers that are unknown, sort-of misfits. The ones that are hard to work with, the ones that just need to be accepted for what they are, no chance of manipulation. Q: Would you rather hike a mountain, swim in a lake or float in a hot air balloon? A: Gosh, any and all! They all sound like a celebration! Q: What would 9 year old you say to you now, and what would you say to her? A: I don’t think I will ever "fit in”. You don’t need to! You weren’t made to “fit-in”. You were made to pioneer. Q: Are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl? A: Yes! To a fault! Q: Do you prefer a map or getting lost when you're exploring? A: Always have a map, but exploring is really about getting lost…. Q: Where have you travelled, and which location did you enjoy most? A: I've traveled both internationally and nationally. But, lately, I am really enjoying traveling within the US exploring the National Parks with my family. We went in 2017 to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone for totality of the solar eclipse. Something special happened there for us. We are now full-on National Park nerds. I absolutely loved Wyoming! Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? A: Hands-down my mother. Watching her navigate life, not an easy life, with steadfast grace, long-suffering, and hope has been the best example to me Q: If you could make a custom garment for anyone, who would it be? A: Anyone who feels misunderstood, outcasted, weird, other-than. I have a tenderness in my heart for the ones who are constantly told to “come out of their shell” or the ones who hear their whole life that their quietness must be equated to devising a scheme. The observers vs the asserters. Q: How do you tend to navigate challenges? A: Lots of prayer, tears, and submission of my spirit.

Q: What are some of your upcoming projects + endeavors? A: Right now I am just focusing on creating an online shopping experience for a larger audience. I also am very passionate about growing my community through a women’s group I host at my home once a week! Q: How do you feel about the current fashion around the world? A: I'm not sure what is happening around the world. I think I'm stuck in 70’s and 90’s fashion for life haaaaa! Q: Do you have a favorite style? A: I'd say my style changes based on my mood. But, I'm definitely more “modern bohemian” both in fashion and in habitat.

Q: What are four words that someone would use to describe you? A: I asked someone this question to get the answer. They answered with: peaceful, patient, empathetic, and a warrior.

. Q: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs + artists who are trying to stay inspired? A: Rest

Q: What is your favorite children's book? A: The Little Prince

Q: Is there someone you have always wanted to ask a question? If so, who and what? A: Yeah! "Jesus, am I your favorite?” Haaaaaa. (All children ask their guardian this at one time or another) Q: Tell us more about your process of creation, things we may not know from just a quick glance. A: I pray over every single thing I create. I pray at the wedding altars I create, and over each piece, for the woman that will wear the garment.

Q: What is your favorite color + why? A: Black….feels stable to me.

Q: Is there a certain animal or insect that you identify with? What does it symbolize to you? A: Humpback whales are my favorite. There’s so much there. But, the gentle grace through which they navigate, the community they cultivate, and their nurturing nature.

Q: What methods do you utilize to stay healthy + balanced? A: I try to give attention to all areas of health, from a “whole-istic” approach. But, I find that if I am not healthy spiritually, everything else suffers. So, my relationship, my "daughterh-ship", with God, helps me to just “be” and stop with the striving of trying to “stay” balanced.

Q: Tell us a joke, preferably a really cheesy one! A: Oh gosh. Not a joke teller. I'm much more witty. I'm really good with puns.

Q: What is your favorite quote + how has it impacted your life? A: Right now, it’s this: '2 Samuel 14:17. “But God does not take away life. He works out ways to get the exile back”.'

There isn’t anything you could do or have done to you that would ever make the Living God quit looking for you to bring you back home to his loving arms. Whether we have exiled ourselves or have been exiled by another, God is always fiercely hunting us down to cover us with his best, to place us back within his family. To commune with us, lavish us with his love.

Q: What is one thing you would change about this world? A: That it’s only Jesus, the real Gospel, that changes anything and everything eternally. All else is a counterfeit temporary band-aid.

A Huge Thanks To Angela! It was so lovely learning more about you and gaining a deeper perspective into the person behind the creations. We are honored, and we look forward to seeing all that is yet to come! A new website launch is coming soon, but for now you can visit to learn more about Angela and her fabulous floral art.


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