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No Limits

We all need to focus on positive outcomes as much as possible right now, so that we can raise the vibration frequency of this world. It's a good idea to set some goals, and get clear on what you want to manifest in the NOW, for the future that you desire. Keep in mind that the world continues even after tragedies and disasters, so the question is, what will we do with it and what have we learned about ourselves during this time?

Here is a little exercise to dive into, which can provide some introspection + clarity. It's time to get interactive, so you can either answer these questions in your mind, with a friend, on a sheet of paper, or the notes app on your phone, whatever works! Just take a few minutes and DO IT! See what results you come out with!

1- Let's start with learning a bit about you. Please briefly describe yourself:

2- What do you feel that your Purpose in this world is?

3- What has been your main area of focus in life?

4- What do you ideally want to get out of the experience of life?

5- What is your intention for the future?

6- Do you feel that you are fully Present in your daily life?

7- What is one thing you want for your life right now?

8- Describe the reason you want this one thing for your life:

9- How will you feel when you get this one thing?

10- What is one thing that gets in your way of having this?

11- What is one thing that supports you having this?

12- What steps are you now committing to getting this?

13- How will you feel when you complete these steps?

14- Describe the pleasure you will feel by pursuing your dream:

15- What is your greatest fear holding you back?

16- How much will you suffer if you do not pursue your dream?

17- What will be the biggest payoff of you pursuing your dream?

18- What skills + experience do you tell yourself you need before you begin?

19- What are some of the hardships you have faced along the way?

20- How can you turn those obstacles into lessons?

21- What is something you have always wanted to say that you never said?

22- Write a statement affirming what you want in the NOW, as if you have it already:

By completing the 22 steps of this exercise, you are now 22 steps closer to your goal! How does that feel?! Life will always come with challenges, if you ever doubt that, just ask our ancestors! Remember, it's fine if you fall down 500 times, just be sure to get back up 501!

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