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Maui Wowie!

All across this world, people are relentlessly pursuing their passions! We like to catch up with these inspired folks and get the low-down on how + why they do what they do! This lovely mother-daughter duo took us on a trek through their Hawaiian way of life. Aloha!

Rachael Ludwick(daughter) & Theresa Carel (mother), Founders of Maui Wowie Infusions

Meet Rachel + Theresa, the creators of Maui Wowie Infusions, a beautiful line of CBD infused, Hawaiian Inspired skincare. They handcraft their artisanal skincare products using tropical and organic ingredients, while infusing them with Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate. They are committed to creating sustainably produced, quality products that are both healthy + luxurious. Of course they had me at Luxury!

Q: What inspired you to create CBD Infused Hawaiian Skincare?

A: I have struggled with eczema and psoriasis my entire life. When a friend introduced me to CBD tincture it had such a dramatic effect on my skin, it was life changing! I carried his CBD brand at my store on the North Shore called Jaws Country Store. When he discontinued his brand and moved off Island, my Mom and I decided to create our own line. We started with CBD infused honey sticks, and her Noni salve, from there we dove into learning more about Polynesian healing botanicals, and Maui Wowie was born!

Q: How do you feel that your location has impacted your journey?

A: Being in Hawaii has opened my eyes to many different natural herbs and remedies. Because Maui is so fertile and rich with plant life, we were able to harvest and experiment with ancient Hawaiian remedies. The history and use of these plants is absolutely fascinating! Kukui nuts were used by the Polynesians as oil for their lamps and to wax the bottom of the canoes. They also used them to treat chapped lips, cold sores and other mouth & skin sores. Tamanu (Kamani) nuts were used as skin antibacterial and hair protectant for their long luscious black hair. Noni fruit and leaves have many uses, these are just a few of the Hawaiian botanicals in our products.

Q: Have you personally experienced any skin issues, and if so how did you handle them?

A: I have struggled with eczema to such an extreme that it was hard to live with the pain of splitting skin and constant irritation. It had become a part of me and I did not like the way it controlled my lifestyle. As I began to use CBD tincture along with my Moms recipe for our Island Noni Salve, containing noni leaf, comfrey and CBD, I can keep it under control better than anything else I have tried. After a year of CBD saturation, I am now completely free of all eczema!

Q: What do you love most about Hawaii?

A: The healing capability of the Islands always excites me. I have seen many people come to the Islands to rest, recuperate and heal. The world is a very busy and rough place. The Islands give you a new opportunity to relax your mind and body. We want to bring that healing vibration to our customer, wherever they happen to be, through our carefully crafted products line.

Q: How do you feel Hawaii differs from the Mainland?

A: In Hawaii, the growing season is all year round. This is amazing when it comes to harvesting and processing fresh plants for each batch of our medicine. Hawaii is on a relaxed slow pace, the ocean breeze acts as a lullaby to soothe you into Island time. The Mana or energy of the Islands is both powerful and healing. The Hawaiian archipelago is one of the most special and fragile ecosystems on the whole planet and its lands and people should be respected and cared for. So we make an effort to give back, tread lightly and practice Aloha.

Q: What struggles + challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

A: It was very difficult to source our packaging. Because it's eco friendly it was more expensive and took a lot of research and sourcing to find the right fit. It took us over a year to design and deliver our beautiful packaging. Mom likes to joke and say it was our baby, because it took about 9 months before I pulled the trigger on our order. It's incredibly important to me that as little plastic as possible is involved. We went as far as to put ceramic labels directly onto the glass surface so that even our labels don’t have plastic!

Q: How do you stay inspired?

A: Our planet is our biggest inspiration. Going into nature, walking barefoot, harvesting herbs, mushrooms and other foods keeps my passion alive. There are so many things to learn about the natural healing arts. I remember using yarrow as a kid on simple scratches and insect bites, collecting wild rose hips for winter tea, chewing on pine needles for Vitamin C! When I find it in nature and get to put it to use, I am overjoyed! If you look to nature for your health it can be preventative of future problems we have with our bodies.

Q; Why is CBD important to you?

A: Each time we have a customer with a miracle story it reaffirms my love for CBD. It brings tears to my eyes and touches my heart that a plant can do so much for our population. CBD has replaced many medications and I get to hear about it first hand. Inflammation is the cause for so many of our ailments and when there is a little bit of relief for our fellow human beings and animals it really keeps us inspired. The earth knows how to heal itself (us included), if we listen.

Q: Why is quality + sustainability so important to you?

A: Living on a small Island in a small community you really get the chance to see how plastic packaging affects the environment. All of our friends and family surf and we want them to enjoy a clean ocean. When I see a turtle with tumors on the beach it breaks my heart. We need to get together and realize that what we do affects our world. We so easily turn a blind eye to this kind of consumerism. If you look in your shower, how many plastic bottles are in there? This is why we are so passionate about glass and bamboo packaging. Next step is shampoo bars and anything else we can do to cut these plastic bottles from our daily routines.

Q: What is your favorite aroma, and what does it remind you of?

A: Gardenia. This fragrance is so intoxicating and brings me back to the Islands no matter where I am. This is why I take my gardenia body butter everywhere with me!

Q: If you could only have one flower for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Cannabis Flower

Q: Do you enjoy tea, if so what kind?

A: This question makes me laugh because my family can testify how many tea sets I have collected. My collection has its own display shelves. I use each one in rotation depending on the occasion! I love Hibiscus tea as it is high in vitamin c and minerals. It's a great detox tea for your liver and great for menstrual cramps ladies! Also, I'm a sucker for a simple earl grey with bergamot. It has tons of antioxidants and helps with digestion. Bergamot is a powerful medicine for inflammation and it can also lower cholesterol.

Q: Do you prefer fruit or vegetables, and why?

A: Fruit! I absolutely love veggies so this is a hard one. But if I had to choose, I could never give up my juicy mangos, lilikoi and picking avocados right off the tree!

Q: Describe a typical day in your life!

A: No day is typical. Each one brings a new adventure and idea. A week ago I was in Alaska harvesting blueberries, mushrooms, chamomile and yarrow. Tomorrow I will be back in Eastern Washington, helping my Dad prepare for harvesting our first hemp crop! The plants are absolutely loaded with buds! We’ve also recently expanded our distribution to the mainland, based in Spokane, WA. so I've been hopping around a lot lately!

Q: If you could get a facial and spend the afternoon with one person past or present, who would that be?

A: Tommy Chong, because he was such a pioneer and endured so much persecution for his pot activism. A real hero of his day!

Q: Do you prefer face creams or oils, and why?

A: Light Creams that soak into the skin quickly so my bangs don't look greasy! I love oil on the rest of my body but the skin on my face is more sensitive to oils.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is just starting to learn about CBD and its benefits?

A: You have to give it some time with regular use, to benefit from it, however some people get instant relief depending on the condition. With a tincture, you start small, and increase your dosage, as everyone has a different endocannabinoid response. Think of your CBD receptors as a really dry sponge. If you pour water onto it, it will bounce off. If you start with one drop at a time it will eventually absorb the water. It can be a slow process in treating certain ailments like my eczema. Also, not all CBD is equal! Make sure it's organic and non-GMO. Support companies like ours, who stand by good manufacturing practices, and are ethically responsible for what’s in their products.

Q: What is your favorite book, song and movie?

A: 100 years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Beautiful Life, by Lost Frequencies, Fantastic Fungi

Q; Are you a morning person or a night owl, and what do you think impacts your sleep patterns?

A: Both! It really depends on my creative flow. If I'm feeling it, I will stay up and run with it, making up for sleep on the other end. I also love going for a run on the beach as the sun rises! Our Dreamsicle tincture works to regulate sleep as well.

Q: What is one thing you would change about this world and why?

A: I would erase all street drugs and addictions to destructive behaviors, and encourage people to “Infuse their lives with creativity, gratitude and awe!” There is so much to learn about, life can be absolutely rich and exhilarating, if you give yourself the opportunities to awaken to this gift, the possibilities for doing good are limitless and awesome! In fact this is our Maui Wowie Credo:

We are so grateful to Rachael + Theresa for allowing us access into their wonderful world of Wowie --- Maui Wowie, that is! How beautiful to see a mother + daughter collaboration that is thriving! You can get your Maui Wowie products at 10% OFF w/code: VIBES10 --- ENJOY!!!


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