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Love Zen Sweat Den

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful + serene ZEN SWEAT DEN, located in West Palm Beach Florida! In addition to experiencing their amazing services, we also did a behind-the-scenes interview with the founder/owner, Laurie Chaplin, to learn more about how this wellness spa came to be, and what inspired her to create it! If you are a local, be sure to visit soon, and if not, be sure to learn more about all the benefits of Infrared Saunas, Vibration Therapy, and HydroMassage so that you can visit a wellness spa near you!

Q: Where are you from originally + currently located? What are the pros and cons of being in this area?

A: I am originally from New York, grew up on Long Island and lived in Westchester County, right above the city, before moving to Florida. Zen Sweat Den, Infrared Sauna & Wellness spa was recently located on Dixie Highway between Belvedere & Southern...and we are excited to have now re-opened just down the road, South of Southern on Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. 

The cons of our location is that there is not a lot of foot traffic and we are not in a strip mall or downtown WPB, where we would have more visibility. Many have said after coming, "I wish I knew you were here, such a gem, you're open over a year?" A pro of being in our area, is ironically, the short distance to downtown West Palm Beach and the close proximity to Palm Beach, right over the Southern or Okeechobee bridges.  Another huge pro is that the neighborhood where we are located, has health conscious awesome people who reside there.  Many have become our "Zen Sweat Club" members.  It has become an area that has many wellness businesses, gyms and fitness studios and we are happy to collaborate with those businesses. 

Q: What inspired you to create Zen Sweat Den?

A: My quality of life has been greatly improved by the use of infrared sauna.  I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr, which are both autoimmune disorders.  Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 10 million in the United States and is most prevalent in women, 75-90% of those who are diagnosed. How infrared sauna helps any autoimmune disorder greatly, is by bringing down inflammation, which causes pain and discomfort, associated with many diseases.  It can also occur after a rigorous workout, the reason why many athletes enjoy an infrared sauna session.

The far infrared sauna detoxes the body with radiant heat (no, there are no UVA & UVB rays, but, yes it's like the sun, only much more effective.) The heat surrounds your body, enhancing oxygen flow and stimulating circulation, penetrating into joints, muscles, tissues and organs. Along with this, it also removes, through a deep sweat, a variety of toxins from your cells and reduces inflammation.  My husband and I have always focused on taking care of our bodies with a holistic approach and exercise.  Another benefit, as I mentioned, is how the infrared heat is ideal for muscle recovery.  It aids in healing your cells, reducing after workout soreness and allowing for better performance.  

I opened the Zen Sweat Den so others in the community could benefit from infrared sauna along with other holistic modalities.  They are all "no contact" which makes our clients more comfortable during this time of health uncertainty. We also have a Hydromassage bed, a warm covered water bed, that gives you a full body deep relaxation massage with your chosen intensity.  Vibration Therapy, I coined it the "no workout workout," increases circulation, provides lymphatic drainage and contracts your muscles for you. There are about 12 different isolated positions to target every muscle!  My experience with autoimmune was so frustrating that I wanted to learn more for myself and to help others naturally, so I became a Health & Life Coach about a year ago.  Clients who are interested can schedule a "Discovery Session" to work together. Holistic products and CBD oil are also available at the spa.

Q: What's it like being in business with your partner?

A: Even though my husband is an integral part of supporting me at the spa, he's not actually my partner, I run the business, as he has his own career.  I do hugely appreciate his involvement, as do our clients.  He gives me Saturdays off to concentrate on my health and life coaching.  This gives me the opportunity to work with clients.  A focus of mine is to help those who want or need to make healthier food choices without feeling deprivation, but instead feeling satisfied or those who want to change their lifestyle. 

Q: What is your favorite color + aroma? What memories do these two things bring to mind?

A: I don't know that I have a favorite color.  But, if you see me in the infrared sauna you will most likely see Violet as my "chromatherapy" color. Violet in chromatherapy is known to calm the nervous system, soothe organs and relax muscles.  Violet also has meditative qualities, perfect benefit for just about everything!. For me having Fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system, calming them is a huge bonus along with the other benefits from my infrared sauna session.  

So... favorite aroma? Lavender is my go-to aromatherapy scent. Hmm... do you see a theme? :)  Lavender helps promote calmness and wellness. It is also said to help reduce stress, anxiety and possibly mild pain.  I have worked in Alzheimer's non-profit promoting education and development.  My father-in-law had Alzheimer's and hues of purple are representative of Alzheimer's, so I would say helping caregivers and patients to be calm and at peace would be my memory of the color. 

Q: Why do you think sweating + detoxing is so vital?

A: Sweating in an infrared sauna penetrates 1-2 inches deep into your tissues and cells and eliminates harmful toxins to let the cells heal.  These can be toxins from pesticides on foods you eat or in the environment, metals, or mold that get into your system, things you can't control.  This can lead to various other health problems. A deep sweat which is such an easy way to rid the body of these chemicals and toxins that don't serve your body and health. It also provides release from stress and anxiety. 

(Watch This Video To See Our Visit Behind-The-Scenes + Subscribe To Our Channel For More!)

Q: What are the top five tips that you would give someone who wants to start their own business? A:

- Invest in developing a Good website, meaning it shows your product or service and benefits and has the feel of your brand.

- Social media is really important for most businesses, if you can't hire someone, take the time and learn the basics and play around, speak to your audience and don't be afraid, better to be than not to be, your audience will forgive you as you learn.  I'm still learning.

- Build relationships with other small businesses in your area, with complimentary businesses, who have clients who could also benefit from your products or services.   Word of mouth and co-promoting goes a long way for both businesses and you may even end up with a new friend. 

- Here's one I think we all learned from the uncertain world today, have a contingency plan, just in case you need one.  Who knew?? Or you will have to be resourceful and act fast.

- Most importantly "Treat your clients like family, make every client feel special (and train your staff to do the same) It's all about their experience!

Q: If you could go back and do it all over again, is there anything you would change? If so, what and why?

A: I have been told to have a solid business plan, but not one that prepares you for a crisis like a Covid-19 pandemic.  I didn't have anything in place for situations like Covid-19 or having to close to regroup and put together different procedures.  I will now be more prepared for this in many areas of the business.  I would also take the time to talk to other (industry specific to this new category) owners about the challenges they have faced and how they educated people about the benefits of infrared sauna.

Q: What or who inspires you most, and why?

A: People who follow their dreams and "happen to life" not let "life happen to them."  You make your own destiny and if you don't like the life you are living, change it, you are in control.  Don't rely on others to be responsible for your happiness, create it! 

Q: What are some of the greatest challenges that you've had to overcome + What are some of the greatest rewards?

A: Floridian residents are a tough market to educate about the benefits of infrared sauna because they feel they live in a warm climate already.  This has been the greatest challenge. They believe the sweat they experience outside, doing sports or working out is "enough."  They don't realize that the technology of far infrared provides a much deeper sweat allowing for important detox and inflammation reduction.  It's much more effective than the sweat experienced in the sun or during other activities.  With that said, people who are knowledgeable understand that infrared sauna compliments sports and exercise, actually continuing the benefits and deep sweat.  This provides muscle recovery, aids in the healing process of the cells and muscle tissue for even better health and performance. The greatest reward by far is when my clients express to me how thankful they are that we are open and in the community, that Zen Sweat Den's services have improved their health in ways they never could have imagined.  Some of my clients have autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, etc.  Others are equestrians, tennis players, yoga enthusiasts or enjoy other forms of fitness and sports and are experiencing muscle recovery.  When we reopened from closing during the pandemic, our "Zen Sweat Club" members were the first to come back feeling comfortable with the new safe procedures.  They missed their Zen services.

Q: If you could have one celebrity visit Zen Sweat Den, who would it be and why?

A: Gwenyth Paltrow, She is not only a fabulous actress in any role, she has also really shed some light on what's going on positively in health with Goop. Check her series out on Netflix.  We are on the same page, she searches for the holistic and spiritual approach to living and that's what I offer my clients and uphold for myself every day.  She also recognizes that people are individuals with her Goop stores and offerings.  This my mantra when helping my clients with their health with all of my modalities, products and Health Coaching at the Zen Sweat DenWe could definitely be friends!

Here is a more in-depth look at the services offered at Zen Sweat Den:

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits:


Daily or frequent use of infrared sauna can help detoxify your body. It rids itself of accumulated highly toxic metals (lead, mercury, nickel, and cadmium) as well as alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid, and other organic and inorganic compounds.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery:

Muscles relax best when tissues are warm providing recovery and pain relief.

Boost Immune System:

Raises your core body temperature, induces an artificial fever, eliminating toxins and wastes via intense sweating, increasing your overall health and resistance to disease.

Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism:

The American Medical Association claims that regular use of a sauna imparts a similar boost on the cardiovascular system as running, helping to pump blood flow and burn calories.

Cellulite Reduction:

Infrared sauna can help to reduce the accumulation of liquids in the fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Reduces Joint Pain & Inflammation:

The gentle warmth of an infrared sauna will help reduce inflammation thereby easing pain and stiffness. allowing your body to heal.

Reduces Stress, Anxiety, & Fatigue:

Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed, putting you in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state allowing your body to heal.

Improves Skin:

Improves tone, elasticity, texture and fresh color. Increased blood circulation has been shown to relieve acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, burns, lesions and cuts.

HydroMassage Health Benefits:

Provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains Reduces level of stress and anxiety Deep relaxation provides feeling of well-being Increases circulation in local areas where massaged Relieves muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension

Vibration Therapy Health Benefits:

Improving circulation & Lymphatic Drainage Increasing flexibility and better balance Developing stronger bones Feeling joint and back pain relief Metabolism elevation Core Strengthening

We enjoyed all three services and left feeling rejuvenated + refreshed! The following day, I must say, we definitely felt as though we had done a workout! The Vibration Therapy is amazing, there are various positions you can move into during the session in order to maximize the benefits. You have to try it! If you would like to visit Zen Sweat Den, they are located at 4514 S. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, 33405 + you can call to schedule: 561-223-2156 /

OCTOBER SPECIALS - Spa + Wellness Month The Unwind Experience - $105 (for two people) You and a friend can enjoy this together 10 minute vibration therapy  15 minute hydromassage  30 minute infrared sauna session  Fall Feel Good Sauna Sessions  All 30 + 60 minute sessions BUY 2 GET 1, 1/2 OFF  Call 561-223-2156 or book online today


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