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It's a Lifestyle...

We are Divine. We are Inspired.

There are many things that we face throughout our lives that mold us into the people that we become. Various barriers have been built up around us, and the noise of our own minds consumes us. But at our core, we are Divine. We are Inspired.

It is important that we remind ourselves of this as frequently as possible. One way to be more mindful in your everyday activities is by accessing the power of Present Moment Awareness. Some may be thinking, "well, how do I get Present Moment Awareness?" Here is your answer, very clear and direct: The way to obtain Present Moment Awareness is to immerse yourself in your current activity with complete mindful, conscious, awareness.

This is where the tea comes in! Some people just drink tea casually, and that's great too. However, when you make your tea consumption into a sacred ritual that puts you in a tranquil state of mind, that takes it to a whole other level! Welcome to the Jungle!!!

Here is our latest video about our favorite tea ceremony, Gong Fu Cha style brewing:

We hope you enjoyed the video, and incorporate these mindfulness tea rituals into your daily life! If you're diggin' it, please hit that SUBSCRIBE button + Like/Share this video w/Friends + Fam who will love it too!



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