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Inspired ART

ART is a major part of our Lifestyle! Everywhere you go, you will notice art in some form or fashion. Nature is art. Style is art. There are walls covered in beautiful murals, and there are sculptures adorning gardens worldwide.

In our small corner of the art world, we enjoy focusing on how our love of nature, experiences + emotions inspire our creativity. In light of that, we are unveiling our latest collaboration, THE POETIC-CERAMIC COLLECTION.

We have joined forces in love and in life, to create unique collections that will inspire others! Springing forth from our affinity for all things related to Tea Culture, we present a variety of tea cups, tea pots + other tea vessels for all the tea + art lovers out there! Lyrics inspired by the artwork also accompany each piece, which is why this collection is titled THE POETIC-CERAMIC COLLECTION.

Some of our pieces are wood fired, some are salt or soda fired, and each process creates a distinct effect. Vibrant pops of colors emerge, amidst natural earth tones. This enhances the tea experience, and also makes for excellent conversation pieces. Some of the collection consists of functional tea ware, and others are meant to be enjoyed as Fine Art.

Please JOIN US on Thursday, December 19th, 7-9 pm, for the unveiling of our latest collection at Olwen Studios, located at 4906 South Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33405.

Enjoy Live Jazz, Fine Art, Holiday Cocktails + Lite Bites! Also shop the selection of beautiful creations by Olwen Jewelry!





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