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In Her Skin

VIBES Lifestyle recently caught up with Eileen Isagholian, Founder of Her Skincare, based in Los Angeles CA + Boca Raton, FL! We wanted to know what Inspired HER. Pun intended. . .

Her is a skincare brand that is based on clean beauty concepts. I've been using a few of her products, and I'm really enjoying the effects they're having on my skin! I love discovering new and emerging skincare brands, I've been in this industry for over ten years, and I was one of the co-creators that launched Indie Beauty Expo in NYC. I also had an Apothecary at Deepak Chopra's Homebase in Manhattan, that carried brands from Tata Harper, RMS Beauty, Pratima Skincare, Intelligent Nutrients, H. Gillerman Organics, Kahina, Vapour, Ilia, and many more! So, I've had my fair share of creams and oils one could say! However, it still gives me a thrill to try new products.

I really like the Carnosine Serum! Her. Carnosine Serum is a unique antioxidant skin serum that increases collagen production, moisturizes, hydrates, and restores radiance to dull dry skin thanks to the antioxidants. My skin feels firm + refreshed after I use it! I usually shower, wash my face, then apply... and voila... a whole new Vibe! These products are also made in the USA, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free + Fragrance Free.

Of course we had to go behind-the-scenes + get a Q+A w/Eileen to learn more about HER + HER. Skincare! Enjoy. . .   

Q: What is HER.WORLD all about?

A: her. is about producing clean, pure, & effective skincare products for all women. Q: What inspired you to create Her. Skin Care?

A: I was tired of having to use products that just weren’t effective. So I was trapped on a hamster wheel of buying a bunch of stuff that just did not deliver what they claimed.

Q: Who was the person that you admired most growing up?

A: My parents. Both Mom & Dad. But I never stopped admiring them. My admiration for them grows to this day.

Q: What do you think should be at the heart of every skin care brand?

A: Transparency. I think being transparent is crucial for any brand that you use on your body. Every consumer needs to know what they are using.

Q: What were the biggest challenges you faced as an entrepreneur, and how are you overcoming them?

A: Gosh, this is a good question….Fear is the biggest challenge in my opinion. Fear of taking the leap, fear of failure. How I overcome it is by continuously reminding myself what an amazing brand & products I have! I have lived my life with the motto of “no risk, no gain.” So I take that and apply it to my business life also!

Q: "There's a method to my madness." In what ways does this statement apply to you?

A: Madness is a precursor to genius! Hahaha! My madness is super multi tasking! So I can be working on bottle design & trying the products & on a conference call & putting together orders ALL AT ONCE!

Q: In what ways do you feel your location impacts your brand?

A: Not having to deal with location issues is one of the mail reasons I decided on a website instead of a brick & mortar location.  When you are a website, you are in the global market, not just the local market. Being in the global market has its issues as well, but like anything, it’s how you navigate thru the hiccups.

Q: Where have you travelled throughout your life, and what place was your favorite?

A: I have travelled to Armenia, Russia, Australia, Brazil (Salvador, Fortaleza, Bahia, Sao Paulo), Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, & Nevada. Armenia is by far my favorite destination. The people are warm & welcoming, the safety (I would walk to my apartment at 4am ALL ALONE without fear), the food, the fruit…..The history, architecture, the cafes, restaurants, lounges…..I can go on and on….It felt like there was that “innocence” & simplicity of life still alive!

Q: What is your favorite animal, and why?

A: GIRAFFE!!! Oh my gosh, I love love love Giraffes! They just mind their own business, picking leaves from the tops of trees, but yet they can be vicious with those long necks!

Q: What gives you hope?

A: My children….definitely my 2 boys give me hope….I see thru their actions that they will be the change the world needs to be a better, kinder, more empathetic place.

Q: Are you more of a morning person, or do you find yourself up late at night?

A: BOTH! Hahaha! I wake up super early and am on “go” until late at night. I get my second wind after 10pm. (These bags aren’t Prada)

Q: What makes you feel the most productive?

A: I feel most productive when I make someone else’s day brighter, happier, easier.  With me, productivity isn’t tied to a dollar amount or business only.  We should strive to be productive towards each other on a human level.

Q: What colors make you feel inspired?

A: Hmmm….it’s subjective to my mood, but my go to colors are black, white, grey, & pink.

Q: If life were a flavor, what flavor would it be, and why?

A: WATERMELON FOR SURE! My favorite fruit ever! It is so refreshing! It brings back nostalgic great memories of my childhood. Summertime, swimming, eating watermelon under the hot summer sun, spitting the seeds out!

Q: If you had to spend a weekend with your favorite person, who would it be, where would you go, and what would you do?

A: My ideal weekend is with my children. Anywhere the 3 of us are is my favorite place. Whether it’s a mini getaway or chilling at home in pajamas all day.

Q: What are your main goals for the next five years?

A: In the spiritual/humanitarian realm to positively impact as many lives as possible. In the tangible realm, to purchase a house.

Q: If you could only communicate one message with your brand, what would it be?

A: Effective & authentic

Q: If you could have lunch with one celebrity, past or present, who would it be and what would you want to discuss?

A: Carolyn Rafaelian, the founder & CEO of the brand Alex & Ani. I would like to discuss what struggles she faced being a minority woman (she is Armenian, like myself), and how her heritage and ethnicity has helped and hindered her throughout life.

Q: Tell us a joke, the more corny/cheesy it is, the better!

A: A mushroom walks into a bar & is completely ignored….wondering why, he yells out “I’m a fungi!” (get it fungi= fun guy)

Q: Would you rather go jogging, ride a bike or hike a mountain?

A: Hike a mountain. I am flat footed as flat footed gets, so jogging & running is a struggle HAHAHA and I forgot how to ride a bike (yes, it’s possible).

Q: If you had to be an inanimate object, what would it be and why?

A: A baby Blankie. It is the most cherished item all throughout it’s life. The baby can’t live without it, and once that baby is an adult, it is cherished and attached to great memories.

Q: What is one thing you would change about this world?

A: E-M-P-A-T-H-Y  We need to practice more empathy as a whole human race. Once one looks thru the lenses of empathy, there’s no way one can hate another.

Thank you so much Eileen, this was truly a pleasure and we are so happy you were inspired to create this lovely line of ethical, effective products for us all to enjoy! You can get Her. Skincare w/FREE SHIPPING w/Code: VIBES20 --- Your Skin Will Thank You! ;)

"Seek To Inspire"


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