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My Father always use to say "When the going gets tough, the Tough Get Going." Just one of his many pearls of wisdom, that recites in my head to this day even after he is long gone, his wisdom carries on. Did you know that adulthood would be so difficult when you were little? Most likely not, if you were able to dive into all that is adolescence, and enjoy the innocence and magic of being a kid. Many had to grow up too early, and were forced into situations and responsibilities far before they were ready to take on the heavy load that life can heap upon your shoulders at any given moment.

This can either make or break you, no matter what stage of life you are in. Perhaps we are a bit more flexible emotionally and mentally before we hit puberty, or perhaps it is a time that we gain scars that may never heal. It's okay to feel. We don't hear that enough, so this is your reminder to feel all of your feelings, and allow them, then release them. It's much better that way. It's okay to be sad, it's okay to be angry, it's okay to be frustrated, it's okay to feel empathy. A great majority of us are Highly Sensitive Beings, especially at this point. We have all experienced many personal and global tragedies, both together and separated by the many divides that come between us.

Families are divided over beliefs and values. Marriages are divided due to lack of communication, absence of loyalty, becoming complacent. Friends are lost over petty arguments about things that barely even matter. Of course we would be so much stronger together, and this is one reason that we often feel weak. It can seem like the world is a blur, and everyone is just ships passing in the night. The challenges that get tossed our way left and right can become so overwhelming and cumbersome that it would be easy to just fall flat on our faces and not get back up. Who wants to spend a lifetime playing Whack-a-Mole?

When it feels like too much, and you need a break, take one. By any means necessary, put down your sword and your shield and surrender to the You that needs a break, before you break. It's very necessary to learn how to enjoy life again, and not see it as this everlasting disaster. Go out and find the beauty, remind yourself of the things that you may have forgotten that you love. Sunsets are breathtaking, waterfalls are mesmerizing, rivers are tranquil, falling leaves are serene. There are many small things that can bring peace and joy to your heart. Go find them. GO! GET GOING!




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