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"Now all the masters knows that you need the glow, You need the glow, the glow to grow.

If you love to live, you live to love, Hah, you got to move to the upper level.

Cos When you got the glow, there ain't no stopping, what you want to do.

hah, oh.

To reach that upper level, your mind, body and soul must be one.

It's a way of life. When you got the glow, you feel the one, (You feel the one) When you got the glow, Your body's gold, (Your body's gold) So don't let go, of the power of elevation. (Power)

Shine on, Shine on, Shine on, shine on,

Get the glow, Get the glow, Get the glow, grow."

Song by Willie Hutch

I think we can all agree that you feel much better when you "GLOW"! There are many aspects that contribute to this Glow, such as diet, emotional wellbeing, sun exposure, and skincare! Our vitality is most vibrant when we take care of ourselves, thats when we Shine!

It's no coincidence that we favor FitGlow for this very reason. Taking "self-care" to the next level, with the perfect chemistry between your skin and clean, effective ingredients. Healthy relationships have one thing in common: great chemistry. And it’s no different when it comes to your skin and what you put on it. Fitglow Beauty’s mission is to create skincare and makeup products that have perfect chemistry with your skin.

Their science-first approach to formulation and ingredient selection is based on three requirements: Will the skin recognize the ingredient? Can skin absorb the nutrients ? Can skin maximize the potential of its key actives? For an ingredient to be effective, it has to be delivered in a form that is agreeable with your skin and in a meaningful dose. Why is this process important? Because even the most celebrated skincare ingredients may perform in a lab, but may not necessarily work with your skin.

Fitglow skincare and skin-nourishing, targeted treatment makeup is formulated to work in harmony with your skin made from ethically-sourced, plant-based ingredients that are free of heavy oils, silicones and waxes. Their skin-transforming products are made with the health of your skin in mind, particularly skin that faces challenges such as dehydration, redness, sun damage and showing signs of premature aging. The transformation happens when your skin recognizes an ingredient it can effectively use to elevate your skin to a well rested, plump, healthy and irritation-free complexion.

Fitglow products feed skin gentle and compatible ingredients in impactful doses that restore youthful skin function and help it thrive. Fitglow creates a layered system of treatment with their targeted treatment makeup that is as effective as their skincare to provide an extended treatment plan that lasts all day long.

More than clean ingredients, these formulas are proven effective through extensive scientific research and reinforced by many clients’ transformations. Fitglow products harness the best natural ingredients to provide all the nutrition skin needs to achieve optimal health and fitness. Cruelty-free, silicone-free, plant-based and effective natural ingredients. Certified clean by Think Dirty.

I have been enjoying the Pink Peony Clay Mask + Eye Cream the most so far, because these are two products that I use regularly and can't stand to be without. I like to pamper myself with face masks that actually work. I do my own facials at home, because I prefer to be the one who is the most in tune with my skin. I want to nourish it, cleanse it, and take care of it. Keeping my under-eye area refreshed and youthful is a top priority for me, so I use this eye cream after my shower in the morning and I feel so rejuvenated. I really like creams more than serums or oils because it feels like it absorbs evenly and effectively. They also offer a marvelous variety of skin care, make-up, body care, kits + gifts!


Anna is a lifelong health and fitness expert, inspired by nature and science all in one. Through many years of trial and error trying to heal her ultra-sensitive rosacea skin, she found synthetic products were too harsh and irritating on her skin, and products in the green beauty space were challenging to her skin due to high essential oils, waxes and unstable actives found in the formulas. Unable to find products that would solve her problematic skin and were free from harsh toxins and rich in proven bio actives, she set out to create products that would give her the results her skin craved and needed.

As a personal trainer and health nutritionist, she found that beautiful skin and health go hand in hand - you are what you consume - so she has spent over a decade researching plant-based ingredients and working closely with skin experts, doctors and chemists to refine and perfect evidence-based formulas that go beyond the top layer of the skin. With a belief that you should not have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients, Anna’s challenge was set — create products that do the work for you so your skin can flourish and thrive. Born in Poland and raised in the countryside of Canada, she found inspiration and passion for healing via plant remedies. That’s where Fitglow was born.

We hope you stay "skin-spired" and share your thoughts on how you get your glow and what you love most about Fitglow with us! Enjoy 15% Off with code: vibeslifestyle when you shop all Fitglow products!

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