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Feel The Vibes...

More closely related than one would think, tea + music are a perfect pairing for many reasons. Both evoke the senses. Both can be soothing and relaxing. Both can bring people together in harmony and joy. Listening to music while sipping a really good tea will only enhance the experience. It is up to the listener of course, what genre of music to select for their tea session. However, there are some tunes and teas that just go perfectly hand-in-hand.

When planning a tea ceremony, there are certain aspects to take into account. Such as, the time of day, occasion, environment, guests, the weather and the tea that is being served. Music is an important method of communication, and can really magnify the presence of the moment. Everything is energy, and that is what people are feeling when they are sipping tea or listening to music. The vibration of the sound, the vibration of the taste. Everything is a vibration in its simplest form, and once you understand that, and you can feel what frequency each component is vibrating on, then you can create the perfect accompaniment.

In addition, the musical selection offers an opportunity to place personal preference aside in consideration of the guests and the circumstances of the tea session. This is a process of letting go while still paying attention to the ambience that you are setting for the tea ceremony.

If however, you have your sights set on a less formal gathering, then you just may turn to your own library of sound, and choose those selections that speak to you on a soul level. Music can definitely bring out the best in us, and when we are feeling good, so is everyone around us! This is a great way to have a tea gathering with friends, by just putting on some feel good tunes and enjoying the vibes.

Depending on the teas you are tasting, you may also want to do specific pairings. Perhaps you recently tasted a tea and it reminded you of a certain time and place, with a particular song playing in the background. You may want to tap into that, especially if it is a fond memory! Darker teas may evoke a deeper feel to the music. More earthy notes may inspire you to listen to songs with a bit more bass.

It is wonderful to just play around with music and tea like you would do with food and tea pairings. It really will set the mood if you have just the right tea matched up with just the right sounds. Tea is truly a sensory experience, and it can really be enhanced with a curated dj set.

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