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Feed Your Soul

What have you been eating? And by eating, I mean consuming on a soul level. Have you been nurturing your soul? Conscious consumption is essential to a balanced and inspired life! When we dive into negativity, it lowers our immune systems, so we must keep our vibrations high! To keep it simple, we will review a few key areas of life to focus on:

1- Social Media: Steer clear of negativity, if there are accounts that are constantly blasting bad vibes, it is okay to take a break from them for a while. Take this time to be Present + Mindful, surround yourself with the energy that you want to be around. That will help to create the future reality that you want to manifest.

2- TV + Movies: Avoid over consumption of news + dark toned movies and shows. Unfortunately it seems that Netflix is unloading an arsenal of this type of content right now, so be aware. Watch things that make you laugh, or warm your heart in a way that uplifts your spirit. Check out our list of 50 Feel Good Flicks here!

3- Blogs + Vlogs: Scale back on influencers who may be pushing content that's causing you to feel negative emotions. It is important right now to have content that is creating a healthy emotional environment for you, and providing good, quality insight + advice. So, perhaps it is time to clean out your inbox, unsubscribe from emails that no longer serve you, and follow some new hashtags that will point you in the direction of your goals. Think of this as a Virtual Vision Board!

4- Self Care: Amp up the self care! Stay active, even if you can't leave home. Turn up the music and dance, this will give you a lovely endorphin release. If you have stairs, you can run up and down for that J-Lo, Beyonce bootie you've been wanting... It would also be a good idea to be as close to nature as possible, even if that means indoor plants. You can bring the outdoors in! Or, if you have a balcony, patio or yard, then you could do what we are doing and get a raised garden bed installed by Master Gardener Mike Kane, of Palm Beach Farmyards + The Garden Shoppe, if you are in the Palm Beaches of South Florida. If not, hopefully you can find an alternative or have a DIY weekend!

5- Creativity: You may be an artist, or you may not think you are. The truth is, we all have creative expression within us. You just need to take the time to tap into it! Right now there are lots of FREE Live Painting classes going on, take advantage of that and learn something new or develop your skill even further. One artist that I highly recommend checking out is Sarah Lapierre @thickpaint, she does awesome Live Painting videos, with an upbeat tropical vibe that are sure to inspire you!

6- Divine Connection: It's time to seek, find + strengthen no matter what your beliefs are currently, it seems as though we are all being shaken to our core, and that is for a reason. So be aware of false prophets and scams, just keeping it #realvibes! Go within, be silent, and listen. Your intuition will guide you, it may take time and patience, and that is okay, many of us are currently going through this process and we will be better + stronger because of it!

7- Detoxify: Even if you don't feel up to doing a full cleanse, at least do your best to avoid over consuming toxins. This refers to food + alcohol as well. It's easy to find yourself overeating during times of stress + boredom, and this is when it's a good time to be more conscious of what you're consuming, and swap out some of those snackies for healthier options.

Take action in a positive way, and focus your energy and attention on self care + self mastery. May you be well!


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