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VIBES Lifestyle Inspired Living traveled to a Sacred Space in South Florida to join Elevated Noms for the launch of the conscious catering company. Ashley Rose + Alain Brodeur are amazing chefs who take vegan cuisine to a whole new level. How do they do this? By not only infusing their love, but also adding a dash of essential oils to the recipe really gives a nice finish to the dish!

They do recommend saving the best for last, as they mix in the doTERRA essential oils once the food has been removed from the heat. The reason for this is, if you add the essential oils while you are still cooking, they will quickly dissipate. Whereas, if you wait until it is time to serve and just add a smidge as the finishing touch... Voila!

It was a beautiful gathering of folks who were open-hearted and ready to share their experiences with vegan lifestyle and wellness. Ashley and Barbara gave us a wonderful introduction to the healing powers of doTERRA essential oils, and we experienced the relaxing benefits as well, by doing breathing techniques and applying the oils. There were also several aromatherapy diffusers with different natural essences flowing into the atmosphere. The music was peaceful and serene, as the natural light flooded the space from the large surrounding windows.

We gathered in the kitchen to learn about the various dishes that were prepared. We truly "elevated our senses" with this live demo + tasting series! A gorgeous spread was laid before us, which included Bulgar + Quinoa Tabouli w/Lemon + Pepper doTERRA Oils, Avocado Hummus Toast w/Za'atar spice, paired w/Lime + Cilantro doTERRA Oils, Marjoun Activation Balls w/Cinnamon doTERRA Oil, and a tasty, thirst-quenching Lavender Lemonade w/VIBES Lifestyle Rose Infusion, paired w/Lavender + Lemon doTERRA Oils.

Thank you for sharing your Love + Light

Ashley + Alain (Co-Founders)!!!




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Elevated Noms Infused Their Dishes With VIBES Lifestyle Botanicals!

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