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The cost of authenticity. Authenticity may come at a price. Would you rather make money or be authentic? Many people would say make money. Some people would say being authentic is more important than the money. As we well know, our system runs on money, currency. And so, we require money or currency to live our daily lives. Beyond that, is our desire to fulfill a purpose in life. Fulfilling your purpose with authenticity will most likely bring you the most happiness, joy and sense of success.

Being authentic may cause people to dislike you, feel uncomfortable around you, and distance themselves from you. There's something about the truth and being real that turns a lot of people off. It could cause you to lose business opportunities, it may take longer for you to build your business, and you may see others thriving around you because they have sold out.

Now the question is how to overcome the feeling of being slighted, when you were just being true to yourself, and you watched others get ahead while compromising their values. Being authentic isn't easy, it may come naturally, but there will be hardships and challenges around every corner. Will you be able to stick to it? Will you be able to overcome and endure? Will you somehow get lost along the way? Have you already gotten lost along the way? These are questions that we should be asking ourselves and taking stock of where we are on our moral and ethical journey through this life.

Authenticity may come at a price, but it's one that is well worth it, if you can go to sleep at night knowing that you've always done the right thing. Putting your best foot forward, keeping others in mind, and not just selfishly moving through each day conquering and stepping on the necks of those who maybe your competitors or opponents. Telling the truth also doesn't mean being harsh. There's a way to do and say everything with grace. It's important to be honest and open, to allow yourself to be forthcoming, and to do it in a way that respects others.

Keep being authentic, never stop being yourself. If, up until this point, you have questioned your own authenticity, now is a good time to look deep within and see what kind of person you want to be in life and in business. What kind of compromises are you willing to make?


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