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Beauty By Ellice

How many times have you thought about starting something new? What dreams of beauty have danced around playfully in your imaginations? Are there vivid visions of color, bursting forth from your creative soul? This is the spark we feel from Ellice Darien when we see her passion for her fabulous brand!

We've been diving in behind the scenes with founders, creators, entrepreneurs and inspired living gurus to see what makes them tick. So, here we are with Mrs. Ellice Darien to find out a bit more about her and her products.

Q: What inspired you to create this brand, Ellice Darien, that is based on "Beauty From The Inside Out"?

A: I believe that your inside should be well inside physically, mentally and spiritually. Without that, a great face is a waste. So we sell teams, we have a group where we uplift and cheer each other on, etc.

Q: Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur, and if not, when did you know and what caused the shift?

A: Always, never dreamed of anything else. I wanted to be Alexis Carrington on Dynasty and then Dominque Devereaux on Dynasty... Powerful, beautiful women.

Q: Are you and your endeavors impacted by your current location, and if so, how so?

A: We  are only slightly impacted, since I will not go to Expos, etc due to Covid.

Q; Do you enjoy working with a partner more, or would you say you're a lone wolf?

A: Lone Wolf

Q: If you could only have one car for the rest of your life what would it be, and why?

A: Jeep Wrangler convertible. Because I love to travel and have fun at the beach, in the woods, etc.

Q: What and whom were some of your greatest influences growing up?

A: My father was a social worker, always looking to help others and my mother was always selling her goods in the market, and buying real estate.

Q: Do you read before going to bed? If so, what books are on your nightstand?

A: I actually go to YouTube and look at tons of DIY's.

Q: Who has inspired you most in the world of beauty?

A: Bobby Brown.

Q: If you could do one celebrity's makeup, who would it be and why?

A: Viola Davis, She is Beautiful. I am a Huge Fan!

Q: Have you ever dealt with any skin issues, if so, how did you overcome them?

A: Well sometimes I am dry, but it triggers me to drink plenty of water.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is new to the beauty industry?

A: Seek mentors and professionals. Always try to learn the business end, it’s not just about pretty packaging.

Q: What are your most favorite and least favorite aspects of the beauty industry?

A: As an Indie Brand it is harder to get recognition and to obtain resources like sustainable packaging.

Q: Is there anything else you would rather be doing in terms of career than what you are doing now?

A: No.

Q: Do you prefer to do your own makeup, or do you like for others to apply it for you?

A: Depends on my mood. I am blessed with a few MUAs in my family.

Q: How often do you do facials, and do you recommend them? If so, any particular ones?

A: Once a month I give myself a mini one, but I recommend going to get one especially if you have issues with your skin. A good esthetician will recommend the frequency.

Q: What inspired the launch of Mr. Darien, your men's product line?

A: They always called my Father "Mr. Darien" he was very dapper, always well dressed and smelled amazing.

Q: The Adore Noir Parfum is a tantalizing warm blend of myrrh, dragon's blood + patchouli, w/floral notes of rose, lavender, ylang ylang, and jasmine, kissed w/base notes of woodsy musk. Would you say these are some of your favorite aromas?

A: These are some of my favorite scents. I wanted an androgynous fragrance, and I feel that we achieved it with this fragrance.

Q: What keeps you motivated during challenging times?

A: My Faith. I just start Singing and remember the promise.

Q: Do you recommend entrepreneurship to others, and what advice would you give to those starting out, or getting restarted?

A: I don’t recommend it to everyone. What I recommend is doing your heart's desires and believing that you can achieve anything.

Q: Do you enjoy cooking, if so, what is your favorite dish to prepare?

A: My Ethnicity is West Indian, so I Love preparing vegan dishes for my son using our spices. It is a challenge, that I love.

Q: What is your idea of a romantic evening?

A: Anytime my husband is off, and I can spend it with him.

Q: Who is your most favorite singer of all time?

A: I have many from Pavarotti to Winehouse.

Q: If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?

A: It would be that everywhere in the world, we would teach in classes (in the smallest corners of the world, to the largest metropolis), mutual respect. That respect equals love. Not gender, not sexual beliefs, or even religion. If I can respect you, maybe I will learn to understand you. And even if I don’t, that respect will give me the mindset not to hurt you.

We really appreciated taking a deeper look into the world of Ellice Darien. The advice she gives is very inspiring, and we agree that everyone should continue to go after their desires, regardless of any challenges that they may face. Thank you for being an Inspiration, Ellice!

I have recently been using a few products by Ellice Darien, including the Lights, Camera, Action Blush and Highlight Pallet, Cabaret Pallet, Burlesque Eye Pallet, Velvet Matte Lipstick, Perfect Canvas Concealer, and a few other sample items! I am amazed by the vibrance of the colors, and I must say I enjoy the velvety smoothness of the matte lipstick! The Blush and Highlight Pallet works very well for the natural look, and I love using highlighters!

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