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Art - Tea - Zen


SABALI Inspired Luxury Design is an embarkment on a journey of creativity + patience. Sabali means "Patience", a word that originates from the Bambara dialect, in the Mali region of Africa. Reminding us to have patience in all aspects of life, especially when bringing our creative imaginations to reality.

SABALI Collections are timeless, precious, sacred family heirlooms, intended to be passed down through the generations. Handcrafted with mindfulness, allowing nature to take its course. Inspired by the elements and the experiences of life. Embodying the shifts, the turns, the peaks, the valleys, the sunrises + sunsets, the ocean deep, and the tears of heartbreak. SABALI is the essence of being. Captivating a moment and preserving it to infinity and beyond.


ART OF CHA Inspired Infusions celebrates the ancient traditions of tea culture, which has been cultivating community for thousands of years. Encapsulating the beautiful, zen tea, by performing modern gong fu cha tea ceremonies + sharing the knowledge, wisdom + healing benefits of tea.

As artists, we are inspired by all forms of art, and the process of tea making, from the leaves being plucked from the trees, to the botanical infusions, it is truly an art. Especially when it comes to Gong Fu Cha and Matcha Tea Ceremonies. It is imperative that you master the art of the movements + the steps of the tea brewing ritual. And hence, you become the Artist, and the tea becomes your Art!


ART OF ZEN Inspired Wellness is a platform for healthy + balanced living. We offer the finest selection of eco, organic, vegan products in beauty, skincare + personal care, as well as lifestyle goods that amplify your vibe! Your home is your sacred space and so is your body, so we've curated collections that support wellbeing in all aspects.

View our collections + brand collaborations here. Learn more about our partners and why we love their products so much! We look for the best and we love to support small businesses as well, so you will find a variety of handcrafted artisan items. Enjoy browsing!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about VIBES Lifestyle + we look forward to seeing you at our Grand Launch this Friday, Dec 18th @ 7PM @ Prado Spa in Downtown, West Palm Beach, Florida! Stay Inspired!


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