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Reciprocal Value

Reciprocal Value... What's That?!

Exchanging energy in an equal and balanced way. It is essential to ask yourself, whenever you find that your energy is feeling low, does this relationship/partnership/friendship provide reciprocal value? Once you've inquired within, take the necessary steps to proceed according to your intuition.

We often get caught up in cycles of giving without receiving, and while giving can be a truly beautiful thing, it becomes an imbalance of energy when only one is constantly giving without receiving anything of value in return. Don't misunderstand this as a financial concern, although it can be. This is about Energy, in whatever form it may come.

If someone is always supporting you, blessing you, or providing you with something of value, and you know that you haven't been putting in the effort on your end... then it's time to STEP IT UP!!! People lose great relationships all the time due to lack of effort, and that doesn't need to happen. Mindfulness is key, because if you are sure to take notice and be grateful whenever someone goes out of their way for you, then you will be more likely to return the favor.

This isn't about being "tit-for-tat" or anything like that, it's merely a process of managing your energetic exchanges in the same way that you manage many other aspects of your life. When your fuel is low in your car, there is an alert. We don't have an alert for our energy levels, but if we are tuned in, then we will notice when we need to be replenished or take a step back.

If you notice someone taking a step back from you, or doing less than they were before, try not to get offended, but instead offer more value and see if that can restore the relationship. BE THE CHANGE - LIVE THE DREAM!


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