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This is a Huge Announcement! It almost feels as though everything has led up to this moment... and that's because, it HAS!!!

We're going to NEGRIL Baby!!! Are you Excited?! I know I am... and this is only the beginning! VIBES RETREATS will take you on a journey of inner exploration. We visit a transformation destination, and along with relaxing and enjoying ourselves in Paradise, we dive deep into the Fear that holds us back from living our dreams! It's time to EMERGE!

Opportunity is knocking... Open the door! Open it and let all of the Blessings flow in! When your energy is blocked, when your feeling drained, stressed, depressed or burned out, you are not your highest self, and so you are not attracting the things that your Highest Self is deserving of. THE TIME IS NOW!

Are you ready to step into your Power and be the Spiritual BOSS that you were meant to be? We all need a reboot from time to time, and that's okay. The world is setup to exhaust us, and we have to find methods of restoring that energy. Just like you recharge your phone so it doesn't "die", you need to do the same thing for yourself so that your inner light doesn't go out!

Stay Lit by trying something you have never done before! Jump In and cleanse, purge, release the old. Those things that are weighing you down are keeping you from serving your True Purpose. Inspired Living is possible for everyone, and there are tools and techniques that we will be sharing during these retreats to empower you in your everyday lives!

Join Us in this beautiful, unique location for healing, community, stress-relief, relaxation and transformation! More details will be available soon, so please click below + RSVP to receive announcements.

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